The Top Three Car Detailing Supply Companies by aihaozhe2


									There is an abundance of car detailing supply companies out there. Along with you
local auto supply stores and hardware stores, (where a surprising number of detailing
supplies can be found) to the flood of names that you can find online. Three of the
better, online, sources are listed below.
? Autogeek carries some of the best names in car wax products, car polishes, auto
accessories, polishers, and car detailing tools available anywhere. Autogeeks site is
user friendly, allow you to shop by brand, car care category or keyword search and
supplies a roadmap on the left side of the screen to help you find the store if you want
to shop in person. You have at your fingertips a wide selection of car care kits, car
waxes and polishes, car polishers, polishing pads, car covers, tire gauges, detailing
clay and a long list of other supplies. Check them out at and, where you will also find some expert detailing how to guides and
instructional videos.
? Meguiar′s has been in business since 1901 and has secured the confidence of
millions of satisfied customers' world wide for over a century. Their site offers a wide
selection of products for both the professional and driveway detailer. Along with an
excellent product selection, Meguiar′s web site has a how to center where you are
able to watch videos on detailing and pick up tips from professionals and a
community section with forums and lists of car clubs and car shows. Meguiar′s is
the world leader in car surface technology. Their NXT Generation? Tech Wax? 2.0
features new, technologically advanced, formula that delivers an amazingly deep,
lustrous, wet look shine that is stunning.
? Chemical is an online, factory direct wholesale warehouse, for
professional car wash and car detailing supplies. Open to the public and car care
enthusiasts Chemical Guys specializes in custom formulations and private labeling
programs that are available for both private parties and businesses. With a wide
selection of car wash chemicals, mobile detailing products and accessories, microfiber
towels, detailing tools, equipment, training and support, including 24/7 business start
up and product support is a truly one stop shopping experience.
There are many other possibilities out there for your car detailing needs. Take the time
to shop around and get the best prices, best products and best service for you car
detailing supply needs

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