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The stylish Skoda


									Soda Laura Skoda Auto India Private Limited is the name of a Czech-based
automaker. In 1991, the company became a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, one of
the leading automobile manufacturers in Europe. Skoda Auto entered the Indian
passenger car market in November 2001, with the launch of Octavia, a luxury sedan.
The imported car, assembled in the company's Aurangabad plant, gained immense
popularity among the upper middle class buyers in India. This was followed by the
launch of another luxury sedan - Laura and then, Superb in the same category, which
also achieved equal appreciation. With the launch of Fabia hatchback, Skoda Auto
India Private Limited entered into the compact car market of India.

Skoda Auto India Private Limited rolled out Laura in 2005. The launch of this luxury
sedan is a part of the Czech-based automaker's strategy to make its presence stronger
in the luxury D-plus car segment of India. With a futuristic engine technology,
well-finished exteriors and classy interiors, cars in india Skoda Laura proves to be real
value for money. The car is specially designed to suit the Indian roads. It performs
remarkably well and astounds you with its arresting looks.

The bold looks of Skoda Laura make it different from other vehicle in its sort. The
sparkling fog lights are integrated on sleek body colored front bumper of the car.
Xenon headlamps, with power washers, are the unique features of the sedan. Window
corners are rounded off, which underlines the attractiveness of the vehicle's
monolithic body. The electrically adjustable side view mirrors are equipped with front
turn signal lamps. Body colored door handles add to the class of Skoda Laura. The
frontage of Laura is stunning and so is the rear side. Taillights extend to the side
sections of the body of the automobile, which is very stylish. Its rear side flaunts a
mechanical windshield sunshade and dual chrome exhaust. Comfort matters a lot in a
vehicle, but when it comes to Laura, it is the least thing to bother about. There is a
large boot space in the cabin. The cushioned seats offer a high degree of coziness to
their occupants.

The grandeur of Laura exteriors' is extended to its interiors as well. Rich leather
upholstery is the best part of it. Instrument cluster looks trendy. Apart from the
capacious illuminated and refrigerated glove box, small storage spaces are positioned
at strategic locations in the cabin. These include storage compartments located at the
front and rear doors and underneath the front seat armrest. Automated sunroof
slides-open at the touch of a button.

At the heart of cars in india Skoda Laura lies a powerful 1.9L PD (Pump Duse
technology) diesel engine that churns out an impressive 105 bhp power at 4000 rpm
and torque of 250 Nm at 1900 rpm. The engine is equipped with direct fuel injection
system, which burns the fuel cleaner and does it efficiently. As a result, fuel efficiency
of the car is high, while the emissions are low.
The safety features of Skoda Laura have been constructed with utmost care, so as to
ensure that its occupants don't suffer from serious injuries in the event of accidents.
The cabin is equipped with six air bags, two in the front and two side bags. The rest
two bags can be used as a safety curtain. Electronic Stability Program (ESP) controls
under as well as over steering, which provides better maneuverability. TPM (Tyre
Pressure Monitoring) keeps a check on the tyre pressures and gives safety warnings.

The re-developed chassis of Skoda Laura symbolizes smart engineering. The new
axles and new electro-mechanical multifunction power assisted steering facilitate
good handling and driving comfort. Skoda Laura offers excellent directional stability
at high speed, irrespective of the load and road conditions. The four-way electrically
adjustable driver's seat makes driving a pleasurable experience.

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