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The Stylish Honda Civic


									Honda civic, a world winner so to speak. Its competition the world over is the corolla,
which unfortunately we haven't yet put through the paces, but the Honda has let the
cat among the pigeons, and their Japanese competitor scrambling for shelter. I know
that you have already been smitten by her looks, and waiting to drive one, perhaps
drive one home! I've dwell-ed on the drive I had in Bangalore for a few days before
writing this; just to let the testosterone settle...
Well, I don't' have too many things to say about the looks, except "Just look at it".
Well, some of us thought the C-pillar looked like it came out of the BMW, some
wondered if the low ground clearance would hurt on the usual Indian roads. Some
even called it a huge PlayStation!! But, looks are subjective; and I think this Honda
looks amazing. I think it goes to show that India is getting more and more mature, and
won't accept anything but the latest in design. The car is complete with skirting, deep
wheel wells and big 5 spoke alloys which look more Italian than Japanese. The front
looks amazingly aggressive; it resembles the Accord, yes but not to the extent that this
becomes a carry forward. The rear end is also very muscular and big, but does give
the feeling that it was completed in a hurry. The thing about this car though is that it
only makes the car look chunky from the rear.

The Sales person at Dakshin Honda, Bangalore kept going on and on about the low
clearance between the wheel and the wheel arches and how it helps the car. I really
didn't understand a word of what he said, so I went to the Honda website to find out
what the raving was all about. Apparently the cab forward design of the Honda has
been modified into what they refer to as the MONO FORM SPORT body. This means
that the angles and the ratios adopted in the design of the car has allowed the front end
of the A-Pillar to get shifted to a position wherein it reduces the angle of the same and
hence provides space enough to incorporate the multiplex instrument console, which
we will get to in a bit.

You could spend hours on end staring at the way this car has almost been sculpted;
but you would have wasted lots of time you could have otherwise spend sitting inside.
If anything, this car is much better on the inside than it is on the outside. I do not
however recommend this car to those who wish to be driven around by a chauffeur.
Not because this car is not spacious but because the point about the entire interior
layout seems to be focused around the driver. The interiors are radical, very radical.
Some of us were of the opinion that this was more of a PlayStation than a car, the
dials for example look like they belong in a space shuttle, the two layer instrument
cluster and the ability to set the time, have a look at the outdoor temperature and reset
the trip meter.
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