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									The Honda Civic is the eighth generation Civic and all-new in India, rolling out from
the Honda Siel Cars plant located in Greater Noida. The Honda Civic has been voted
as the 'Car of the year' for 2007. The Civic, after its launch in the US, comes with
some tweaks to suit the Indian road. It is powered by 1.8L i-VTEC engine, comes
with higher ground clearance and stiffer suspension. With top-of-the-line technology,
sporty looks, choice of automotive and manual transmissions, the Civic is bound to
please the Indian taste palates.

The Civic places itself in the entry-level D Segment and competes with Corolla and
the Skoda Octavia. The Civic design is youthful and trendy in comparison with its
competitors. The Civic comes in two choices: Petrol and Hybrid. 1.8E and 1.8V are
the petrol versions and 1.3L is the hybrid version. The 1.8E comes with a 5-speed
manual transmission whereas the 1.8V comes with either a 5-speed manual or a
5-speed automatic transmission. The Hybrid engine comes with Continuous variable

Honda Civic Hybrid is powered by 1.3L i-VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift
Electronic Control) engine combined with a compact and efficient electric motor -
IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) system. The hybrid system provides three stages of
valve timing (low-speed, high-speed, and valve-deactivated mode). As soon as you
apply brakes, the "idle stop" feature occurs automatically, making the engine stop
temporarily. When brake pedal is released, the engine restarts on its own. This way, a
good amount of fuel is saved and emissions are minimized.

The powerful engine, nimble handing and futuristic technology of Honda Civic
Hybrid are wrapped up in a sophisticated design. The car's frontage deserves special
mention - it is adorned with clear lens fog lamps, beautiful headlights, and a sleek
front grille. In the rear side is an aerodynamic trunk spoiler, which adds to the
presence of the automobile. The unique 15-inch, lightweight alloy wheels add a
stylish touch to the luxurious sedan. As far as comfort is concerned, people will forget
the outside world, because it is so relaxing to take a ride in Civic Hybrid.

Clad in top-quality leather, the seats of Honda Civic Hybrid are very comfortable to
sit on. The sporty cockpit cabin of the car is equipped with high-tech audio system
that has been integrated on the dash. Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control System
facilitates uniform cooling throughout the cabin. Apart from this, Civic Hybrid also
comes equipped with vanity mirrors as well as front and rear center armrest. Audio
controls are mounted on the steering.

Honda Civic Hybrid has a number of safety features to boast of. These include
specially designed front dual SRS air bags, G-CON technology, Antilock Braking
System (ABS), and active headrest. G-CON technology is an advanced passive safety
feature, which shields the passengers of the car by providing a survival zone in case of
an unavoidable collision.
Honda Civic Hybrid comes equipped with Continuously Variable Transmission
(CVT), which blends the effortlessness of an automatic with the efficiency of a
manual transmission. CVT is combined with the Drive-by-wire Throttle System, in
order to provide the most efficient drive ratio possible, depending on the torque load.
The electric motor of the car assists the gasoline engine during acceleration and stores
energy during braking and deceleration.

The Honda Civic is the futuristic family car!

The most favourite two colors - Premium Pearl White and Alabaster Silver, Honda
Civic Hybrid is worth Rs 21.5 lakh (approx).

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