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The Mitshubishi Lancer


									The Mitshubishi Lancer, a famous family car series manufactured by Mitsubishi
Motors. It has various names around the world from different times, for example, Colt
Lancer, Chrysler Valiant Lancer, Eagle Summit, Chrysler Lancer, and Mitsubishi

 Since 2009 it has been sold under the brand name of Galant Fortis in its Japanese
home market. In 2007, Sep. 15, Lancer Fortis, a different version of Galant Fortis
with a different facelift begun to sold in Taiwan market.

 Mitshubishi Lancer has been sold more that 6 million since its first launch in 1973.

 The original Mitshubishi Lancer was underpowered and not really that entertaining
to drive. The interior is was just fine. But the styling of the series is extremely dull.
These have been changed a lot in its 2nd generation model, esp. the new astounding
styling that features in a "shark nose" facade.

 And owing to the newly added solid handling dynamics (in addition to the base
engine) and a new peppy engine choice, it is also somewhat fun to drive.

 As a whole, Mitshubishi Lancer has been improved greatly from generation to
generation. And it has been considered one of the best family car models in years. In
2008, the present generation of the Mitshubishi Lancer first came out.

 The first Mitshubishi Lancer was launched at the year of 2002 to replace Mirage
sedan. At the beginning, it came in 3 trim levels: ES,O-Z Rally as well as LS. The ES
includes a series of fantastic features such as air-conditioning, CD player and power

 At the meantime, the O-Z Rally trim gave a sports car look owing to special
upgrades for interior in addition to the 15-inch O-Z alloy wheels.

  The LS stood out with ABS and a cruise control and a fancy remote keyless entry.
All these trims came with a 120-hp 2 liter engine as well as a 5-speed manual
transmission. LS has a 4-speed automatic and later become available as an option in
the other two models.But the most popular model is Lancer Evo. For more
information about Lancer Evo, please go to

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