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The History of Windshield Safety Glass


									Car windshield glass has transformed dramatically over the years for increased safety.
What was once primarily a shield from wind and debris is now in a much broader
sense an integral part of the overall safety of the vehicle, making repair and
replacement such as important component of your vehicle.

The very first windshields were made of ordinary window glass. Henry Ford was the
key ingredient in making car windshields safer. After a lawsuit in 1917, changes were
made that would begin the transformation to a safer windshield. At first, the ordinary
window glass was just toughened - this still allowed the windshield to be easily
shattered from flying debris or an accident, however the glass did not shatter into
small sharp fragments that could cause serious injury- instead it would break into
larger but less harmful pieces.

By 1919 Ford started implementing the French technology of glass laminating, which
was a major advancement. Basically, 2 layers of laminated glass were then separated
by a cellulose inner layer which would hold the glass together when it breaks. Within
10 years, all Ford vehicles had windshields of laminated glass. This was a major
breakthrough as it was able to prevent many injuries as there were no longer sharp
glass fragments that would shatter throughout the vehicle upon impact. Instead the
shattered glass remains as one piece preventing many injuries.

As technology has developed further, other advancements have occurred to ensure
safety of auto glass. Installation is one key area, this is now performed by trained auto
glass installers. It is very important when car windshield replacement is needed to be
sure it is performed by quality auto glass installers. When it comes time for
windshield replacements, they need to be installed & bonded properly to the rest of
the car not only for leak prevention but for maximum protection in serious accidents,
such as roll-overs. If the glass has not been properly installed, the seal can easily be
broken and very serious injuries can result in such an accident.

Newer technology now allows much more repair of auto glass without always needing
full windshield replacements. Some damage such as stars, cracks and full bulls-eyes
can often be repaired by qualified auto glass technicians. By using newer technology,
a clear adhesive resin can be used to fill the cracks and then sealed with an ultraviolet
light that will restore the strength of the windshield. It is very important to have these
milder damages tended to by a qualified and experienced auto glass repair specialist
as further damage can easily occur by dramatic changes in temperature, sudden hard
roads and further debris. If the cracks are not tended to in a timely manner, chances
are high that you will need a full car windshield replacement.

Robert Farrell specializes in auto glass repair and replacement in the Atlanta, Georgia
area. His company has more than 10 years of experience in dealing with windshields.
Mr. Farrell is also the creator of

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