The Facts About Drinking and Driving

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					Drinking and driving is not only dangerous for the other guy but also the driver and
the passengers of the car itself. You should refrain from drinking and driving as there
is a significantly increased risk of car accidents, damage to property and injury to
people. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, drinking and driving should not
go together ... in fact it is stupid. Heavy penalties can be impounded on the accused,
like suspension of driver's license, fines, a term in jail and confiscation of vehicle
registration plates.

Every year there are thousands of people getting hurt or dying due to the drinking and
driving. About 20% of the traffic fatalities all over the world take place due to drunk
driving. We, like responsible citizens, should understand the ill effects of drunk
driving and refrain from doing it. DUI or Drinking under the Influence of Intoxicants
may cause problems in the present and in the future. The police should carry random
checks on drunk drivers, especially at night to catch the offenders and reduce the
menace. A breath analyzer test is the most common test used to catch the offenders.

Also, studies show that half of the offenders caught were not under the influence of
alcohol but other banned substances like drugs. Parents should warn their children
against drunk driving and show their own daily lives to their children by example.
They should make their children understand the importance of being a responsible
citizen. And, they should do nothing to bring any harm or any injury to people
including something as irresponsible as drunk driving.

There are certain measures that can be implemented to curb drunk driving. Regular
checks for drunk drivers on the road can be carried out by the law. Offenders should
be severely punished in the form of levying heavy fines and penalties. Licenses of
regular offenders should be suspended or terminated. Rehabilitation programs should
be conducted for those people who can't kiss the habit goodbye. Every state should
provide adequate information on the bad effects of DUI at the time of the driver's

Many cars will have technological devices available like alarm systems in case the
driver inside falls asleep. They will soon be fitted with anti collision devices so that
the car brakes automatically if it is about to crash with another object in the front or
the back.

Remember by being a responsible citizen you set an example to other people as well.
Do not unnecessarily force others to drink at your parties. See to it that the party gets
over well within time so that people can leave early. And also provide alternate means
of transportation for those that do drink.

If you are arrested for DUI, then hiring a DUI lawyer proves to be the best decision.
Driving under the influence can have serious consequences on you if you are involved
in a car accident. You may face consequences like jail or prison, penalties or fines,
vehicle impoundment, etc. The DUI lawyer is familiar with the intricacies and
procedures involved with DUI charges and are your best bet if you find yourself in
such a predicament.

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