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The Do's and Dont's of Safe Driving


									Whether you have just started driving or have been driving since years, it is always
good to brush up on your driving skills. This way you will save yourself from the risk
of getting a ticket or, even worse, meeting with an accident. There are many defensive
driving courses in Florida that teach safe driving practices. Here are a few do's and
dont's to help you maintain the right kind of behind the wheel behavior.

The Do's:

 Make sure to wear your seat belt at all times.
 Make sure that kids sit in car seats that have been tested and approved.
 Follow all the official rules of the road.
 Follow the speed limits.
 Pay full attention no matter how familiar you are with the area.
 Be courteous to other drivers and pedestrians.
 Make the payment for your parking tickets as well as the traffic tickets on time.
 Have a winter survival kit in the vehicle in case of bad weather conditions. Stock up
on matches, water, food and blankets.
 Have a spare tire in the vehicle along with a working jack.
 Have regular maintenance for your car.

The Don'ts:

  Drink and drive. Also, make sure you don't get into a vehicle with a driver who has
been drinking or, even worse, is on drugs.
  Run stop signs and stop lights even when there is nobody around. In fact, do not
break any rule or law of the road.
  Text or talk on your cell phone while driving. If it is an emergency, pull over at the
side of the road and then go about your business.
  Play music at loud volumes. This may disrupt other drivers on the road and
sometimes even you may not be able to hear emergency vehicle sirens and other
signals over the din.
  Do not involve yourself in other activities like eating, changing clothes and applying
makeup while driving. All these are extremely distractive and may result in fatal
  Engage in road rage. Even if the other driver is aggressive, don't get frustrated and
let him get the better of you.

Defensive driving courses in Florida teach all these techniques and more. It is best to
enroll into one of them and practice safety on the road. These courses even help
dismiss your traffic tickets.

About the Author:
The defensive driving courses in Florida are offered by many defensive driving
schools but we are a little ahead of them all. What we deliver to our customers is a
defensive driving course Florida that will meet every requirement they have.

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