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The Pros Of The Zune Car Charger

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This article is all about the Zune Car Charger. I will give you an inside
look on what features this product has as well as what makes this an
excellent product. There are quite a few features that outshine iPod
accessories and I will tell you what they are. If your looking to
purchase a zune car charger, I recommend this article before making your

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This product, the Zune Car Charger, is also known as the Zune Car Pack,
and it runs around $79.99. It has tons of features that will simply
dazzle you. Lets get started with that.

First off, I'd like to start off by saying who this is for. This product
is for anyone who enjoys listening to music through their mp3 player in
their car. Its extremely useful for anyone taking a long road trip and
doesn't want to be changing cd's every hour or so. All in all, if you
have a zune, a car, and money to spend, then this product will definitely
be worth your while.

The great thing about the Zune Car Charger when compared to say an iPod
adapter or something of that sort, is that with the iPod adapter you have
to change the fm station to the one that you think works best for you,
and then you have to change it on the adapter and so forth. But the

Zune product completely eliminates that by having auto-tuning, it will
automatically tune itself into the best possible braodcasting station
around, thus you will not get the best performance possible, you don't
have to do any work to get it. This also allows you to be safer on the
roads as you will not have to worry about looking in weird places to
adjust the station on your adapter as well as your deck, it simply does
it by itself.

Another feature of this Zune Car Charger that is simply amazing is the
fact that is charges and can be played at the same time. Although a lot
of other adapters do the same, the idea in itself is great.

Not only are you being able to enjoy your mp3 player in the car,
listening to whatever you want to listen to, you are getting full
advantage of this product by also charging your mp3 player. So, now when
you leave your car and you want to take your mp3 player with you, you no
longer have to worry about your mp3 player being uncharged for wherever
you are going.
The fm part has two different presets for those who are taking a distance
trip that will be going from station to station as you travel through
cities. This makes it easier on you so you really don't have to deal with
all of the busy work just to listen and enjoy your music.

This Zune Car Charger also comes with a dashboard grip pad so that you
can place it anywhere on your dashboard without falling or anything. This
is definitely helpful for those who don't want to reach all the way down
in the corner of the car just to change the song, they can simply grip it
within hands reach and it makes it a whole lot easier.

This product is made by Zune, therefore you will know that this product
is specifically made for zune mp3 players, so that it is compatible for
all zune mp3 players no matter what. How unforunate would it be to buy a
car charger and not be compatible with the mp3 player that you are using.

With Zune making this product, you are also ensured quality and
reliability. The zune mp3 players are excellent mp3 players that many
people are missing out on, and there are also going to be a lot of people
missing out on the Zune Car Charger.

But, that just means you are going to be taking full advantage of what
Microsoft has offered you. A great mp3 player along with a great
accessory to accommodate with it. All in all, this product is an
extraodinary product for anyone who loves listening to music in their
car, going on a long road trip, or needs a quick charge every now and
then on the go.

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