The Best Car Rental Deals in Crete

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					Travelers in Crete often rent cars or hire a car rental service as they visit this
wonderful island. Those who travel in Crete would include individuals, couples,
friends, families and of course, businessmen. In fact, there are numerous car rental
services that have had businessmen as some of their most loyal customers. It would be
inconvenient and expensive to always take taxis, especially if these businessmen have
a lot of clients to see or numerous places to go in order to seal deals. The 70s and 80s
saw car renting gaining more popularity. Today, it is as popular as ever, contributing a
large part to the rental market. Businessmen often rent cars as soon as they arrive in
any of the three airports which would include: Nikos Kazantzakis at Heraklion, a
public airport in Sitia; and the Daskalogiannis at Chania, which is a military airport.

Most large cities in other areas of the world have adequate transportation services in
the form of buses and subways, however, in Crete, renting a car would allow for less
stress and more enjoyment because you do not have to constantly pay for taxi fares or
wait for scheduled bus trips. In addition, you can visit places that public transportation
can't reach, such as the outskirts of the island.

Many people believe that renting a car is costly and would have no space in their
budget. However, car rentals are surprisingly affordable. A small car with a weekly
rate is less costly than constantly taking public transportation or taxis. The cost can
also be reduced if you split it with your other companions.

Additionally, if you are planning to go on a road trip in Crete, car renting is an
excellent suggestion because the trip could take its toll on your car. Car rental
companies offer unlimited miles and moderately used cars at an affordable price, thus
you can enjoy your road trip without constantly worrying about your vehicle. These
companies also offer different cars according to your needs: a convertible, a luxury
car, or a sports car is available to you.

You can also rent cars whenever your car needs servicing in the shop. You can find
car rental companies in convenient places, not just in airports or out-of-town agencies.
Ask the company for their insurance policies. Often, your insurance already covers
the cost of car rental if you have an accident.

The internet is a very good resource for finding the best car rental deals and rates as
you plan to visit Crete. Travel sites such as Travelocity and Expedia have a search
function that would allow you to locate the best car for your needs. You will be
provided with a list of available car models and their rates, together with the rental
agencies that can provide them during your time of need. It is also a good idea to log
on to the individual sites of rental car companies because they can offer good deals to
prospective customers who contact them directly.
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