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SVP T900 HD 720p Ultra-Slim Black DIGITAL CAMCORDER+CAMERA+MP3MP4 w 270 degree flip LCD + HDMI-out cable w 32GB by zybestsale


									  Buy SVP T900 HD 720p Ultra-Slim Black DIGITAL
  CAMCORDER+CAMERA+MP3/MP4 w/ 270 degree flip LCD + HDMI-out cable w

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Introducing "NEW in the Box" SVP T-900 High Definition HD Ultra-Slim Digital Video Camcorder. The
SVP T-900 HD features a high-sensitivity HD CMOS sensor and a newly developed high-speed
processor to capture high-resolution images. These help it to record clear and smooth 1280 x 720p
high-definition video despite the cameras light and compact body. Despite being a full high-definition
video camera, the T-900 HD can also capture realistic photos just like those taken with a dedicated
digital camera. With the H.264 MOV format, its easy to save and playback videos on your PC. If you
are looking to upload to your favorite social networking sites such as YouTube, the included arcsoft
software also makes it effortless. If you are not recording HD videos, taking pictures, or simply want to
kill some time, you can listen to your favorite tunes also in high quality sound, better than most mp3
players out in the market today. This way, the fun continues even after youre finished shooting.

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