The Beginners Guide To Car Storage by aihaozhe2


									You finally have that collector restored. It is in pristine condition. Unfortunately, you
do not have a garage or room in your garage for car storage . Maybe you need to be
away for a few months and need somewhere to keep your car while away. You have
decided to put it in a professional storing facility. You want your automobile to be in
the same condition when you are ready to drive it again. Here are the top five steps
you should take to prepare your car for storing.

Step One is to choose the correct facility. Indoor car storage with climate controlled
temperature and humidity levels is your best option. The controlled humidity will
combat against corrosion and rust to any exposed metal and reduce mold and mildew
from forming on the interior. Renting a facility in the available size for a vehicle .

The worst place for your prized possession is a dusty old barn. If a climate controlled
facility is not an option take precautions to preserve your vehicle. You need car
storage properties that are free of rodents since rats can destroy wiring and car
upholstery. A good option is place some form of rat control or poison in the facility. If
the facility has concrete floors cover them with carpet to help keep moisture from the
bottom of the car. Another option is to use plastic or tarps.

For short term car storage , a carport is an option. However, you should protect your
car with a cover. Make sure it fits tightly and properly to avoid damages from the
elements. A breathable material is best to allow moisture to be evaporated quickly. A
car cover protects your car from dust, light and occasional bumps.

Step two is to prepare your vehicle for car storage .The most important factor in
preparing your automobile is that it is clean. Completely wash and wax the car. Clean
the underbody and wheel areas. Thoroughly clean the interior using a shop vacuum to
get into all the tiny nooks and crannies. Have the carpets cleaned and allow them to
dry completely. Use vinyl or leather conditioner on the interior to prevent drying.

Step three is routine maintenance.Change the oil and replace with new. Having clean
oil reduces the moisture in the system and prevents corrosion in the motor. You should
also change the brake fluid, coolant, washer fluid and the transmission fluid before
placing your vehicle in car storage . Fill the gas tank completely. A full tank prevents
moisture from forming and causing the tank to rust. You should also add a gas
stabilizer. However, you should check with the storing facility, as some may require
an empty tank to prevent fire hazards.

Step four is to remove the battery and protect the tires. Batteries tend to crack and
leak acid over time and with low temperatures and can cause damage. Remove the
battery and wipe down the battery compartment to remove the excess moisture. To
protect the tires you have a few options. One is to jack up the car and leave on jack
stands while storing. This prevents flat spots from forming and reduces strain on the
suspension. Another option is to coat the tires with lithium grease. This prevents the
tires from drying, cracking and developing leaks.

Step five is preventative precautions. Prepare the weather stripping by coating with
lithium grease. To prevent hood latches, locks and door hinges and latches from
rusting and locking up, lubricate them. Remove the wiper blades to prevent them from
sticking to the windshield. To prevent rodents and other small animals from taking up
residence in your car, place aluminum foil or steel wool in your tail pipe. Another
option is to place clean rags in the air intake, fresh air intake and the exhaust. A box of
mothballs spread around and under the car goes a long way in keeping these unwanted
visitors away.

Make sure windows are rolled up and all doors, trunk and hood are closed. The top on
your convertible should be left up to keep it stretched. Do not set the parking brake to
prevent the shoes from freezing to the drum.

With a few extra steps you can keep you vehicle in good condition while it is in a car
storage .

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