; DXG 579V Hi-Def Pocket Camcorder _Red_
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DXG 579V Hi-Def Pocket Camcorder _Red_


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DXG 579V Red Hi-Def Pocket Camcorder. The DXG 579V is one fashionable and capable
high-definition camcorder. Available in a variety of colors to suit your ever-changing mood, the DXG
579V is available many different colors. The DXG 579V records HD video in H.264, MOV file format,
up to 1280 x 720 at 30fps. What¿s more, it can capture JPEG still pictures, up to 8MP image
resolution, has a digital voice recording function and supports high-capacity SD cards so you¿ll have
more space to record your memories. It comes with a large and bright 2.4-inch TFT screen to frame
your subject or review files. Small, lightweight and portable, the DXG 579V is designed so you can take
it anywhere you go.

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