Suspension Bushes- For Road Safety And Driving Pleasure by aihaozhe2


									None can rule out the importance of metal parts of the vehicle. They are quite crucial
in driving the vehicle. However, parts made up of rubber are also equally vital for the
vehicle. Suspension bushes are one such component, which contribute to the
performance of the vehicle. They have a critical role to play, when it comes to vehicle
safety, handling and driving comfort.

Suspension bushes are used for positioning and aligning the suspension and the
components of steering assembly. These parts are shock absorbers, control arms, sway
bars and torsion bars. Now, these bushes are made up of different materials like
Polyurethane, rubber and synthetic rubber compound. The type of material is chosen
according to the applications it is used for. It is based on the number of factors that
include performance, response, feel, noise, vibration and durability.

The hardest suspension bushes help to absorb shocks from road and enhancing
comfort on road. These bushes must be kept in new condition. It means that they must
be replaced well before being worn out. As the worn out bushes can give rise to
serious troubles like rapid and irregular tyre wear, loosening of steering or
experiencing a pulling feeling from it. On top of that it may affect braking system and
result in unsafe handling.

The suspension bushes are dynamically engineered to compress till a specific degree
and then to return back at its original position. A bush must not be too hard or too soft,
damaged or cracked in any way because it would invite serious troubles related to the
drive, safety and handling of vehicle. The bushes are designed in order to withstand
conditions like temperature, excessive mechanical heat, oil, mud, moisture etc. It
enhances the vehicle's ability to perform under testing conditions.

Range of suspension bushes comprises of specifically designed bushes, each allowing
flexibility of movement in the entire suspension unit. On top of that it maintains
correct mounting and alignment of mechanical components. These bushes also help in
absorbing road shocks, reducing noise and vibration created by mechanical parts.
Keeping the vehicle in a perfect condition would require replacement of bushes. This
ensures that better manoeuvrability of the vehicle and sheer driving pleasure that is
free from hiccups and tension.

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