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Stylish Yamaha R15 Bike


									There are large of number of youngsters in India who wants to ride the best bikes.
They are fond of sports bikes. Yamaha R15 is a highly popular sports bike. Though it
is quite an expensive bike, it has great fan following. It is great head turner when on
road. Once you see this bike, you cannot take your eyes off; such is the beauty of this
dashing bike.

By looks, perhaps this Yamaha bike is the best one in India. The design and look of
this bike is inspired by its predecessor Yamaha R1. In fact, it looks like R1 when seen
from a distance. The rear view mirrors, dual head lamps, shape of the tank and seating
position, all are designed superbly to give it a brilliant look.

One interesting thing about this bike is it does not have a centre stand. It is the
probably only bike in Indian that does not have this feature. Also, there is no safety
guard. These minor changes add to the look of this bike. Like in other high-end bikes,
this bike also has curved handle bars which helps maintain great seating posture.
However, rear of this bike is not as great as its front. This bike has only one dial; the
Tachometer dial. The digital console has everything such as fuel gauge, speedometer
and the ODO meter.

When it comes to performance, Yamaha R15 delivers startling performance. It is
better than other 150 CC bikes in India. It can easily catch 30Kmph in even in first
gear without any resistance from engine. Initially, it may vibrate and may not deliver
smooth ride but once you travel 700-800 km, it will start giving smooth ride.

The Yamaha R15 is equipped with liquid-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC 4 valve engine. It
has single cylinder and displacement of 149.8cc. It delivers the maximum power of
17PS@ 8,500rpm and maximum torque of 15nm @ 7,500 rpm. It has an electric start
system. The fuel capacity of this bike is 12 litres.

The comfort level is high when riding this bike. The wheelbase is 1290 mm and
minimum ground clearance is 160mm. In the front, there is disc brake and in the back,
it has drum brake. This sports bike offers easy handling and high balancing even in
crowded traffic.

If you want to buy Yamaha R15, you can search online for all details and good deals.
You can know about the Yamaha R15 Price at any reputed online store.


Devika Rajpali is a well known author and has written articles on Yamaha Bikes,
Yamaha Crux, Yamaha Fazer153, Gladiator, Yamaha SZ, Yamaha FZ16, and many
other subjects.

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