Starting up a Car Dealership Business by aihaozhe2


									Having an auto dealership can be a very satisfying, yet challenging endeavor in
business. Before you start setting up one, make sure to have your general business
license as well as your retail business license. Also check out if your location is
eligible for auto dealership. Find good investors for your business and make sure that
all permits for operation are acquired, zoning requirements, and relationships with
established banks, credit unions and other financial institutions.
To start up such a business, you have to learn about what kind of business you are
getting into. Determine what areas would be suitable for an auto dealership. You have
to come up with a business scheme and find out the costs needed to set up your
business. Also, you have to contact your states Department of Motor Vehicles and
acquire an auto dealers license. You must ask about important things that are
necessary to open an auto dealership in your area, as regulations and laws differ from
state to state.
Next, you have to choose a name and a location for your business. Register your
business name to your state government. Your location should be somewhere readily
seen by passerby and have large signage with your business name on them. Be sure
that the property you choose for your auto dealership is appropriately zoned for an
auto dealership. Contact your areas zoning and planning agency for information.
After setting up legal concerns, purchase your cars. Dealers usually purchase their
cars from car auctions. People without dealers license are not allowed to participate in
car auctions. When you purchase cars from auctions held by any auto dealer
Indianapolis has, for instance, you usually have to pay a buyers premium fee. This
premium fee relies on the price of the car, but is usually in the thousand-dollar range.
Wholesale auctions are not accessible to the public. This kind of car auction usually
features brand new, second hand cars, cars returned after expired leases, and rental
cars sold by rental companies.
Once you have chosen which cars to sell, most seasoned Auto dealerships in
Indianapolis suggest that you start establishing mutual relationships with banks, credit
unions and financial institutions. By having these affiliations, customers needing auto
loans can go to your dealership.
Lastly, you should advertise your business. Auto dealerships in Indianapolis, for
example, put advertisements in newspapers, magazines, print fliers, and business
cards. Advertisement is an essential part of any business. You may also place
advertisements on air via local radio stations or even buy slots for television

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