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									Today, limousines serve a better alternative to taxi cabs or shuttles and command
convenience at all times. Limousine service is a rewarding business profuse with
opportunities of growth and exciting experiences. When you start a limo service, you
just might be able to rub elbows with the rich and famous from different walks of life.
Your service will be marked on your client's trove of memories. So how can an
entrepreneur underestimate the opportunities granted by a limousine business?

Having prom limos in Bay Area, a airport service in Bay Area and limo rides for kids
prove to be great investments but these are daunted by many challenges. It takes more
than obtaining super stretch limos and running yellow pages ad for your company to
flourish. It requires strategic plans to create a well-established company.

Limousine services such as a wedding limo service in Bay Area, which also offers
wine tours in Bay Area, are one the high-capital businesses considered to have a
greater degree of risk or loss. In starting this business, make sure you are in a market
that can support a limousine service before you start spending great sums of money.
You must find sufficient capital or acquire other financing options to operate well.
This is furnished by creating a comprehensive and realistic business plan that shows
why potential investors should lend money to your company and allow creditors to
see how their loans will be repaid. Your business plan must cover the following:

Market segmentation
Consumer analysis
Product features and Benefits
Competitive Analysis
Advertising and Promotion
Research and Development
Financial Projections

Remember that the nature of a limo business is very competitive. You must create an
identity that will set you ahead of the rest. How can you do this? You should obtain
not only first-rate limousines but additional vehicles like shuttle buses, coach and tour
buses, SUV's and pick-ups. Also, building a relationship with your customers is
crucial. Generally, you need a diverse community with affluent members. You can
start this by offering service in schools, hotels and other companies. Once a group
notices your outstanding service, they can recommend you to others and this will
build repeat customers.

Never underestimate the power of advertising for your limo business. One of the
effective ways of marketing a new limousine rental business is to include a promo
upon its opening. Most customers want a bang-for-the buck services, thus, offering
promos can give you the chance to promote your business big time! Other ways of
advertising include the Yellow Pages, print ads, as well as online. You also need to
personally visit hotels, clubs and big companies to gather contacts useful to your

Lastly, achieving good customer satisfaction is the core of your business. If you want
to earn your client's respect, give them the best service. You can offer additional
benefits or perks to your clients to ensure that they will be happy with your service.
Be sensitive to your client's needs and this will harness your company's success.

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Badeth Abonita is a web copywriter in a company offering limo rides for kids.

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