Sporty yet Dynamic- Volkswagen’s New Beetle and Honda’s Jazz

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					One of the latest models of Volkswagen cars in the market right now is the "New
Beetle". History shows that ownership of Volkswagen beetle creates a status symbol
implying elegance and sportsmanship. The beetle phenomenon still exists and never
been out dated. Older versions of the beetle are still visible in national highways and
even in roads located on the countryside. The trend of vehicle modification for these
cars changed the notion that the beetle is only a thing of the past. Beetle lovers had
innovated and converted their vehicles to suit the taste of the present generation. The
conversions made were based on the details enclosed within the Volkswagen repair
manual. As a result, older models are somehow updated to look like the latest models
such as the "New Beetle".
The New beetle by Volkswagen was a product of the success of the older version. The
latest beetle is viewed as more dynamic, even sportier, and more striking. The latest
technology in automobile creation has influenced the making of this model almost
close to perfection. Together with the evolution of its appearance as well as it's under
chassis features, the chilton auto repair manual became more user friendly and the
complications brought by technical terms in automotive engineering was simplified
and may now be interpreted and understood by ordinary individuals without any
background in automotive engineering.

The New Beetle possesses low fuel consumption and extremely low levels of harmful
gas emissions. The beetle boasts its 1.8 I turbo engine which offers outstanding
acceleration and sporty driving pleasure. The anti-lock brakes and the electronic
stabilisation program provide stability in difficult situations and ensure optimum
driving. There is an assurance of staying on course while driving the beetle since
these two systems intervenes with the engine management system in a lightning-fast
intervention mechanism. In addition to all of these, the New Beetle offers an
intelligent safety concept, considered to possess superiority in its class. Included in
this intelligent safety concept is the electronic brake force distribution (EBD) which
distributes the amount of breaking force to all its four wheels. Finally, the EBD
shortens the braking distance thereby making the beetle stay safely on track. These
features are also found in the Chevrolet Repair Manual.

In comparison with Volkswagen's "New Beetle", the Honda Jazz possesses similar
features. Just like the beetle, it is a compact car with a physical design that owes a lot
from its older Honda predecessors and the boom in technological capabilities. The
Honda Jazz boasts its Anti-lock Braking System just like the beetle which prevents
the brake from locking when subjected to difficult braking situation. In terms of
environmental protection, the Honda Jazz has passed the EURO-4 level of the
European Emission Standards. Both cars therefore are considered to be environment
friendly. The Honda Jazz however possesses an engine with lower turbo capacity
compared to the Beetle. The Jazz has 1.5 i-VTEC engines. As a whole, the
Volkswagen New Beetle proves to be sporty yet dynamic.

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