United Service Company with Advice on Purchasing a Home Security System

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					United Service Company with Advice on Purchasing a Home Security System

What to Look for When Purchasing a Home Alarm System

United Service Companies is a Chicago based company that offers diversified services to consumers. One of the
companies affiliated with United Service Companies is United Security Services Inc. United Security Services
offers multiple security services among them home alarm and life-safety systems. United Security offers
information to assist you when deciding what you need in a home defense system.

Home alarm systems are available with various levels of technology and a wide range of prices. A basic
home alarm system consists of control panel attached to sensors either through wires or some type of
wireless connection which is designed to detect the opening of doors and windows. More sophisticated
home alarm systems use infrared technology to detect motion from an intruder. While some home
security systems are designed to detect only intruders, many other security systems are designed to
detect fires, or provide medical monitoring.

The quality of a home alarm system can vary a great deal, depending on the sophistication of the
equipment and the experience of the installer. The most basic system can be installed by a home owner
and typically consists of window and door sensors which will create loud noises when they are
disturbed. This type of system is simply a home alarm system designed to rouse a homeowner to the
possibility of an intruder.

A more sophisticated system would have a professionally installed system which would cause an alarm
notification to go out to a monitoring company who would then be responsible for alerting the police or
other emergency personnel. The next level of a home security alarm system would contain fire
detection, overall emergency monitoring, glass breakage sensors, and also motion detectors. Higher
priced security alarm systems utilize wireless technology instead of the old style wire connections to
connect the control pad to the various sensors. Some higher priced home security systems also include a
two-way speaker so that the homeowner can speak with the monitoring company, which is especially
helpful during a medical emergency. Most control pads also have codes that are used by a homeowner
to set and deactivate a home alarm system. The most sophisticated home security systems also utilize
outdoor motion detectors, but these must be highly sensitive to be able to differentiate between a
human intruder and a small animal. The costs of outdoor detectors of this quality are very high. If
outdoor motion detectors are poor quality, the number of false alarms will be quite high. Outdoor
motion detectors and security cameras are available, but these are quite unusual in the average home
and are typically installed for large estates. In addition to the basic cost of installation, there are also
monthly monitoring fees for the security systems.
One major consideration in purchasing a home security system is the quality of the monitoring system,
which is sometimes overlooked when a homeowner focuses more on the technology of the security
system. Many homeowners complain about slow response times. It is always important when
considering the purchase of a home security system to speak with other homeowners who have used
the company. Also, third-party verification of the quality of the installation of a home alarm system is
available through some insurance companies and national associations. Some local fire and police
departments, as well as home owner associations may require third party inspections to ensure the
systems work properly and will not set off false alarms.

Home alarm systems typically will give you the quality that you pay for, and the investment of money for
a home security system requires careful research to ensure that you receive the best bargain for your
money when buying a home alarm system.

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Description: United Service Company is the parent company of United Security Services Inc. based in Chicago, Illinois. While United Security offers many types of security services, we offer this article on what to look for when purchasing a security system for your home.