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Anas_Allaham_C_V by ashrafp


									                                                                         Address:          Phone1 +966 (2) 6752473
                                                                         Prince 70th St.   Phone2 +966 (2) 6755556 x140
                                                                         P.O Box 42369     Home +966 (2) 2873304

Anas Allaham
                                                                         Jeddah, 21541     Mobile +966 0504338002


 Seeking for a challenging position in the field of Information Technology and ERP Solutions. To utilize my years
 of experience to serve and achieve my company goals and objectives.
 Work Experience

 September, 1998 - Present                      IT Al-Khairat Co. Ltd.                            Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  IT Manager
     Manage and Lead IT team operations of Al-Khairat Co. Ltd, HQ and in all (11) Branch Offices around the
       kingdom to achieve corporate goals and objectives.
     Manage in-house project to implement ERP solutions of "MS Dynamics GP" through over the (7) seven
       years of various IT experiences.
     Automate business processes and design work-flows with charts of the Al-Khairat Co. Ltd work methods.
     Serve and operate all corporate HO and branches technically and find and research manage for IT
       solution which provide stable, scalable IT services to improve the ability of the corporate to work efficiency.
     Migrate business date with new structures throughout ERP MS GP versions implementation to met
       business needs.
     Deliver IT solutions to Al-Khairat Co. Ltd. Department to Improve and streamline operations in head office
       and all branches.
     Led IT team and designed organizational Communications & Network structure detailed chart.
     Conduct a technical & functional training on implemented of ERP solution modules "MS Dynamics GP".
     In house ERP Consultations on "MS Dynamics GP" modules (Financial series, Sales, Inventory,
       Purchasing and warehousing modules).
     Assign and review the work of systems analysts, programmers, and other computer-related workers.
     Develop computer information resources, providing for data security and control, strategic computing, and
       disaster recovery.

 System Administrator
     Implemented ERP solution for MS Dynamics GP with upgrades (from Great Plains eEnterprise v5.5 to v6.0
       to 7.0 to v8.0 then recently to Dynamics GP 9.0) for the following modules:
                         System Manager, Organization Structure and COA Security Level.
                         Advanced Security and Field Level Security.
                         Financial Series: GL, Payable and Receivable Management Modules.
                         Distribution Series: Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing (POP & SOP) and
                          Inventory Management Modules.
                         3rd Party Modules: Bar-Code Price Tags and Ethotech Commission Plan Module to
                          manage and calculate complex commission's formulas integrated with SOP+RM.
        Provide and Conduct Training of employees on Great Plains Software.
        Deliver on-time, in-budget project of ERP "MS Dynamics GP" versions implementations.
        Implemented online transaction infrastructure solution using central database server; achieving:
                         Data updated instantly.
                         Single point of administration.
                         Minimize administration overhead tasks.
                         Decrease administration overhead expenses.
                         Centralize Database Backup Solution in one place at one site (HQ).
        Implemented, administering and maintaining MS SQL 2000/2005 Databases.
        Administering and maintaining MS ERP Dynamics GP9 and Great Plains v5.0  v8.0.
        Designed Business Analysis Reports for Top management using Seagate Crystal Report Tools.
        Designed Corporate Performance Reports using Business Object and Cognos Power Play intelligent
         Reporting Tools for Top management and decision makers.

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 System Development
    Developed customizations in ERP Dynamics GP9 using Report Writer and VBA.
      Developed customizations in ERP Dynamics GP9 using Windows Modifier and VBA.
      Developed troubleshooting software for Great Plains using Visual Basic.
      Migrated data from legacy system to Great Plains using Integration Manager and Table Import Tools.
      Develop data warehousing solution for reporting database as a base for Business Object or COGNOS
       intelligent Reporting Tools.
      Developed and Implemented Bar-coding solution integrated with Dynamics GPs using Seagull Bartender
       Printing software.
Network Administrator
    Designed, implemented and administering network OS with MS Windows 2003 platforms; including
      Windows 2003 Active Directory in all corporate Branches.
    Designed and maintaining Local Area Network infrastructure; including hardware and software.
    Designed, implemented and administering Wide Area Network infrastructure for and all communication
      structure requires for corporate Branches with backup communication recovery solution.
    Implemented Online Transaction Processing OLTP Solution for all corporate branches.
    Implemented Virtual Private Network VPN using Cisco Router V-LAN in main corporate branches.
    Implemented NAT and Routing and Remote Access Service RRAS.
    Implemented Terminal Services Solution using MS Windows 2003 Server TS Server.
    Implemented Internet Acceleration and Security Solution using MS ISA 2000 Server.
    Implemented MS Exchange 2003 Server and Outlook Web Access Client OWA.
    Implemented and Administrated Novell 4.0 /4.11 Network Operating System.
    Implemented and Administrated MS Mailing System on NT 4.x Network Operating System.
    Co-ordinate IT purchasing, installing and upgrading software and hardware.
Help Disk & Technical Support
    Worked in Technical & Help Desk Support for all corporate HQ and branches (Hardware/Software).
    Company Server's / PC's maintenance and hardware firmware upgrades.

September, 2001                      Microsoft - New Horizons Parametric Center            Jeddah, KSA
MCP:       Microsoft Certified Professional

September, 1998                     First Intermediate Industrial Institute           Damascus, Syria
Diploma:      Licensed Assistant in General Electricity.& Electronics

September, 1996                        Technical High School                      Damascus, Syria
High Industrial School:         Technician Certificate / Electricity Profession .


March, 1997                         Al-Rida Educational Center                          Damascus, Syria
Networking Essentials & Networks Operating Systems:

      Networking Essential & Network Operation Systems .
      Installing and Administrating Microsoft windows NT Server 4.0 .
      Installing and Configuring Microsoft Novell Operation System 11.0 .
      Administrating Novell on Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 .

March, 2000                     Compu-Soft MS Business Partner                       Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
ERP Solution: MS Dynamics GP Courses:

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      System Manager .
      Financial Series (GL, Bank Reconciliation).
      Distributing Series (SOP, POP, APOP and IV).
      Human Resources and Payroll .
      Fixed Assets Management .

July, 2000                      Compu-Soft MS Business Partner                                 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
ERP Solution: MS Dynamics GP Development Courses:

      Great Plains Windows Modifier Tools .
      Great Plains Report Writer Tools .
      Great Plains Visual Basic for Application (VBA).

April, 2000 - 2003                         New Horizon                                         Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

      Course 1015: Fundamentals and Mastering MS Visual Basic 6.0
      Course 1016: Mastering Enterprise Development Using MS Visual Basic 6.0
      Course 1298: Mastering Distributed Application Design and Development Using MS Visual Studio 6.0
      Course 2310: Developing MS ASP.NET Web Applications Using Visual Studio .NET
      Course 2373: Programming with MS Visual Basic .NET
      Course 2389: Programming ADO.NET
      Course 2071: Querying MS SQL Server 2000 with Transact-SQL.
      Course 2072: Administering MS SQL Server 2000 Database.
      Course 2073: Programming MS SQL 2000 Server Database.

June, 1998                                 Damascus Educational Center                        Damascus, Syria
English Courses

      Improve English skills

June, 2002                                 British Council                                 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
English Courses

      Intermediate Module 1

Professional Certification

      MCP MS Certified Professional.
      MCSA MS Certified System Administrator (In progress – 1 Exam remaining).
      MCDBA MS Certified Installation & Configurations In progress – 2 Exam remaining).
      MBS-DYNGP9 Master Technical (In progress).
   MBS-DYNGP9 Master Functional (In progress).
Professional Skills
      Hardware: IBM PCs, IBM Netfinity Servers & Compaq PCs, Cisco Routers.
      Network Operating Systems MS Windows NT, 2000, Novell 4.0, 4.11.
      Operating Systems: MS Dos, MS Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and 2003.
      RDBMS: SQL Server 7.0, 2000, MS Access, 97, 2000, XP.
      Expertise in MS Office 95, 97, 2000, XP and 2003.
      Expertise in Exchange 2000 Server & MS Outlook 97, 2000, XP.
      Expert in Reporting Tools (Business Object – Cognos Power Play- Crystal Reports 8.5).
      Expert in Great Plains Report Writer, Modifier & Customization Tools.

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       Expert in Counter Point Business Software from Synchronic for Retail Management System.
       Proficient in: Visual Basic 6.0, Dot Net .
       Proficient in: Visual Basic for Application VBA .
       Very good in: Visual Basic ADO 6.0/.NET & Web Application & ASP .NET .
       Good knowledge: C#, C .++
       Good knowledge in: Great Plains Dexterity 6.0 .
       Operating Systems, Databases and Software's :
       Network Operating Systems: MS Windows NT, 2000, Novell 4.0, 4.11.
Current Activity
       Deliver in-house Implementing for ERP MS Business Solution – Dynamics GP v9.0.
       Upgrading Al-Khairat Website.
       Implementing internal Business Portal for Dynamics GP v9.0.
       Implementing Merge and integrate Retail Sales System (Synchronies Counter Point) as a Front-Office
        with ERP Solution (Dynamics GP v9.0) as a Back –Office.
Swimming, Fishing, Diving and Basketball.


Mr. Osama Emaira             Senior IT Consultant
                                                                                  Toronto, Canada
00141 689-72988              Email:

Mr. Khalid Al-Salahi         Senior IT Consultant
                                                                                  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
00966 505-310460             Email:

Mr. Saeed Alaya              Finance Consultant
                                                                                  Syria, Damascus
00963 11-2745684             Email:

Mr. Yousef Sasa              IT Manager
                                                                                  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
00966 504-694413             Email:

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