Selecting a Good Auto Body Shop by aihaozhe2


									At some point or another, you are going to need auto repairs. This means you need to
know how to select a good auto body shop.

When you discuss this question with people with automotive experience, there is one
piece of advice that you hear again and again. It is to find a good auto body shop
before you actually need one. There are several reasons for this. One is that if you
wait until you need the auto body shop, it might be because you have just been
involved in an accident. Your beautiful automobile is banged up, and you are going to
be stressed. Hardly the best time to be making an important decision. The possibilities
of going astray under these circumstances are too many.

When you pre-select an auto body shop, you approach your investigation at your
leisure and when your head is clear. It is possible to take the time to ask around
among your friends and business associates about any recommendations they might
have for you. A good report from a friend who has had dealings with the shop can be
invaluable. People involved in the automobile industry generally have opinions on
good body shops. This could be servicemen at your local gas station, or even
salesmen at used car dealerships.

It is also possible to visit the shop, and this is a good idea. Introduce yourself, and ask
a few questions. Let them know you are a potential long term customer. During this
visit you can get clear answers to what should be a long list of items that can be used
to compare different shops. Does the shop perform all services? If not, which ones are
performed there, and what are the recommendations and methods used to handle
things such as glass repair or repainting?

Payment arrangements are an important factor in selecting an auto body shop. How
the technicians are paid does not have a lot to do with the quality of their work.
Despite this, it is you that is going to have to pay if you need their services. Do they
accept checks? Are they able to take credit cards? Do payments have to be made in
advance, or large deposits paid before work begins? Are installment payments a

Many people are drawn to the major chain type of auto body shops. They are fancy,
modern, and clean. They generally are full service. They might even have a lounge
where you can sit and sip coffee and watch television. It is sometimes in those small
shops located in an old garage where the masters of auto body repair and restoration
can be found. Do not make the mistake of letting the buildings fancy exterior overly
impress you.

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