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					Want to keep track of your fuel economy and how much hp your mustang is putting
out at the same time? Do you know how you want your Mustang programmed or
would you rather someone else figure out all of the technical stuff? With the SCT
Livewire you can do all of this and much more. It is the most advanced flash tuner out
on the market. It comes with a preprogrammed tune for those of us that aren't that
savvy with electronics and engine stuff and it can also be custom tuned. The display
on the SCT Livewire reads everything you would want to know about how your
performance mustang is running.

 No more waiting for a custom tuned device. SCT Livewire comes with a
preprogrammed tune and is capable of up to 3 custom tunes you can keep your
pre-tuned files and your factory uploaded tune (this is the tune that should already be
programmed on your Mustang) after you have programmed your custom tune. It
comes with a preprogrammed Dyno proven tune specifically set for your Mustang.
The process is as simple as pressing a button and enjoying the ride. Once you are
bored with the preprogrammed tune, visit your local SCT dealer and they can load up
to 3 custom tunes onto your device. There is even a tune that you can use to Maximize
Fuel Economy.

 SCT Livewire's tunes are designed to increase your Mustang's horsepower and
Torque, also to increase throttle response so that you can get off the line quicker. The
fuel economy tunes are designed to increase your fuel economy by 1-2 mpg with
conservative driving. The average hp gain is 11 hp for the 05-08 4.0L Mustang with
the V6 engine, and 17 hp for the 05-08 4.6L Mustang GT's. As far as for the torque
increase it is 22ft-lbs for 4.0L and 30ft-lbs for the 4.6L. If you are one of the few that
have the 07+ GT500 Shelby 5.4L your gains will be much more with 57 hp and
39ft-lbs of torque.

 Still wanting to know what is on the SCT Livewire display screen. You can measure
and read right off the screen the following: your vehicle's hp, the torque, estimated
0-60 time, estimated ? mile time, your air fuel ratios, engine rpm's, engine timing,
boost if it's turbo charged and your fuel mileage. The days of writing down your
mileage at every refuel are over. It has never been easier to keep track of all this
information. The screen of the SCT Livewire features large numbers that are easy to
read as well. There isn't any guess work in trying to find certain parameters.

The SCT Livewire Mustang Tuner is one of the best Mustang Tuners with its built in
gauges - Dan

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