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									Schumacher is one of the oldest names in battery equipment. They supply many types
of battery accessories that will meet any automotive battery need. They have hand
held or heavy duty, jump starters and battery testers, just to name a few. When
shopping for battery equipment, Schumacher has it all.

Schumacher manufactures a variety of battery charger for all battery types.
Schumacher has charger for farm and ranch equipment that have back lit meters for
easier use. Farm equipment chargers are available in fully automatic or manual, and
all provide high output engine start to power any engine in severe weather conditions.
Schumacher chargers are heavy duty and impact resistant.

Schumacher also manufactures battery starters for all battery types. Most units are
charger and starter combinations, so that battery maintenance is more convenient.
Handheld starters are extra convenience, controlled by microprocessor, and equipped
with a touch pad for ease of use.

Schumacher makes battery chargers and starters for a variety of equipment. Farm and
ranch equipment can all be serviced with Schumacher products, as well as other
outdoor vehicles like 4 wheelers, motorcycles, heavy duty outdoor machinery, as well
as children's ride on vehicles.

Schumacher makes battery maintainers and testers for all types of batteries. While
auto and marine batteries need deep cycle chargers, other equipment require high
frequency, speed chargers. Other equipment requires a slow charge that will maintain
battery power for an extended period while not in use.

Schumacher has all battery maintenance needs covered. From starting, to charging, to
testing, Schumacher has top quality products that use proven technology added with
convenience for the consumer.

This article was written by Michael Hargrove for BatteryWeb, a retail and wholesale
provider of all types of batteries and battery chargers. Visit the site for more
information about Schumacher battery testers, chargers, and maintainers.

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