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Replacing Car Light Bulbs


									There are many pieces to our cars that we don't have time to think of something as
tiny as the light bulb. That is till one night when we get in the car and we do not have
the power to see anything because they have burnt out. You will be able to try to live
without using them but you will soon find out just how hard that may be.

Changing your car's light bulbs is quite easy though it may look a little bit perplexing
when you have never finished it before. The first thing you will have to do is to make
a point that the power to the light is off. On your dash you will find a light switch that
will do this for you. This will help to prevent you from shocking yourself.

The majority of light dome covers are able to be taken away by unscrewing it or by
popping it off. Many utilize plastic tabs to make sure it is in place. After you have
removed this cover you must get rid of the old light bulb. You should have the brand
new bulb with you. To know what kind of bulb to purchase you are able to visit an
auto parts store and tell them the make, model, and year of the car. They can provide
you what you need with that data.

Be cautious when taking out the light bulb so that you do not break it. Look at the
socket that it is in and ensure that there is no dirt in it. Otherwise this can cause the
new one to break quicker then it should and force you to spend more money. If there
is dirt you will be able to utilize a simple emery cloth to maintain it.

To replace the light bulb you should take hold of the glass part of it and push it into
the socket. Make sure that it fits inside of it equally and snaps into place. After it is in
you will have the ability to put the dome cover back on and turn the light switch back
on to see if it works.

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