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									Topdot Mortgage is a National Mortgage
Topdot Mortgage, a national mortgage bank offers a number of loan
programs that suit every customer's loan needs and requirements.
Since the year 1995 Topdot has been helping people in achieving their
dreams by providing affordable, stress free loans to its customers.
This leading mortgage bank is also authorized by the federal housing
administration which allows it to offer competitive financing options
to the clients who fall short of conforming guidelines.
Topdot understands that no one mortgage loan program suits each
and every person; any loan may look attractive on the surface but it
may cost the client more money than necessary. Therefore this
national mortgage bank spends extra time in understanding the
customers and their loan requirements, and then builds a loan
program benefitting them.
Topdot Mortgage guides you through the home purchasing or
refinancing options, and provides you quality service and individual
attention. You can also contact its mortgage specialist by contacting
at Topdot's toll free number 1-800-408-6100.
About Topdot.com

Topdot Mortgage is one of the leading national mortgage banks that
provide personalized loan solutions since 1995. This mortgage bank
has its corporate headquarters in Jericho, New York. It has 11
branch offices and it is licensed to operate in 40 states across US.
The core of its approach lies in the pledge that every Topdot
Mortgage must provide tangible benefits to its clients by providing
straightforward, low-stress loans for the borrowers.
Topdot Mortgage provides top quality services to its customers; its
name reflects its true personality and image. To get more information
regarding     Topdot      Mortgage,     please    browse      through

Brett Rosenblatt
Topdot Mortgage
125 Jericho Turnpike,
Suite 400,
Jericho, NY 11753
PH: 800-408-6100
FAX: 516-870-7241

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