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									Summertime and the living is easy. This is not so if your air conditioning system of
your vehicle ' be it car, truck or whatever else you are driving is on the fritz. It's no
fun at all driving in hot sticky auto come summertime. Simple as that.

But, if you suspect t that your air conditioning system is not working as well it should,
there are some basic checks that you can perform before bringing your vehicle into a
repair shop. Perhaps it's the challenge to the backyard mechanic, perhaps it's the cost,
or perhaps it's just that its summertime and you are hot, hot, and hot and the repair
shop is backed up with work till next month.

First of all you can check the "drive belt". To check the air conditioners drive belt
follow this procedure. Checking the clutch . Start the engine with the parking brake
set and the transmission in park mode. Set the air conditioning controls to maximum
cooling and fan levels. Open the hood and be sure that the entire compressor-clutch
assembly is being turned by the air conditioner belt. Put on your safety goggles and
work gloves. Open the hood of your car, truck, S.U.V. or bus. Locate the air
conditioner drive belt. Today most mobile automotive air conditioners are factory
units built in , that come with the new vehicle . This makes the job of diagnosis by the
mechanic or auto air conditioning specialist much easier. Factory manuals , diagnostic
steps and parts are easily afforded online. Expertise can be had. Years ago few new
vehicles were equipped with factory cooling devices. It was a hodge podge of 3rd
party units - each air conditioning system and its install being radically different and
thus a lot harder to work on. It does look like a fan belt, but if you look carefully there
will be a belt lower front of the engine that may or may not go around the fan pulley
and on to the air conditioning system compressor. Usually the compressor is located
on the side of the engine opposite the alternator. Some sight glasses of mobile air
conditioners have a protective cover made of cardboard or stiff paper. Remove the
cover on the air conditioning unit sight glass - if there is one. On some cars and
trucks , the sight glass is not on the receiver-drier, but on the line between the
condenser and expansion valve.

Once the drive belts are tight, and in good condition, start the engine and turn on the
air conditioning system. Alternatively if the sight glass is clear and there is no cold air
circulating in the passenger compartment , then the system may be empty of
refrigerant and coolant. Take your vehicle - be it truck , S.U.V. or standard car to a
competent air conditioning specialist , shop or dealer service center. Experts note that
if the sight glass show bubbles that look like moving water bubbles , then you can bet
that without changing and replacing the refrigerant you are going to be driving in the
depths of heat and humidity. The compressor has a drive pulley at its front end. This
pulley rotates while the car or auto's engine is running. When you turn on the air
conditioning system a magnetic drive clutch is activated (a click should be heard) that
causes the compressor to become operational.

If you have now solved your basic problem with your air conditioning system you
should now be driving in a cool, comfortable cabin in your vehicle. Pleasant summer


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