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									Afghanistan program focuses on women
Afghanistan is very much in the news, but what do most of us as knowledge and information specialists
know about the history and current conditions? How can we serve the needs of our patrons without
some understanding? A program offered by the International Responsibilities Task Force of the Social
Responsibilities Round Table aims to begin addressing this lack of knowledge.

The status of women has often been offered as an excuse or example of why the U.S. invaded and
currently occupies Afghanistan. Looking at Afghanistan from a women's perspective therefore offers a
useful lens through which to view Afghanistan's history and the present condition of occupation and

There are four speakers:
     Anne Brodsky is Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Psychology and past Director of
       Gender and Women's Studies at UMBC in Baltimore. Anne will be talking about her book, With
       All Our Strength based on several trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan to interview members and
       supporters of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). This group
       of women has been fighting oppression since 1977, long before the Taliban took power and
       serves as one exemplar of Afghan women's resilience and resistance.
     Nasrine Gross is an Afghan-American writer and women's rights activist. She is the founder
       and president of Kabultec in the US and the Roqia Center for Women's Rights, Studies, and
       Education in Afghanistan. She runs award-winning literacy programs. She has been active in
       Afghan politics, participating in several Loya Jirgas and in election campaigns.
     Fahima Vorgetts has been working for many years for women's rights in Afghanistan. She has
       testified about Taliban abuses before the United Nations and other organizations. She is the
       director of Women for Afghan Women's Afghan Women's Fund, and on the Board of Directors
       for WAW.
     Hirad Dinavari is the Reference Librarian for the African Middle Eastern Division Iranian
       World Collections. He will discuss the Library of Congress's collections and resources in
       English, Persian/Dari and Pashto on Afghanistan focusing on materials on Afghan women,
       including electronic and web-based materials; the Library's acquisition; and how to research and
       access the Library's holdings.

“Afghanistan in Context – the background to the war that every librarian should know” is on Saturday
June 26th at 4 – 5:30 p.m. in the Conference Center in room 151B.

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