Push Scooters by aihaozhe2


									In the early 1900s, scooters were used by children as a vehicle which they propelled
by pushing and then jumping up on the flat board to free-wheel until the scooter lost
it's velocity. Then they would push it again, gain some speed and then ride it once
more until there was the need to push it again. It was considered to be a great way to
travel around quickly, was great fun and would beat walking at any time.

Even though there were small factories that manufactured children's scooters, most
kids took pride in assembling their own scooters from discarded wooden boards, old
handles and small wheels.

Even after all these years, the principle of operating a push scooter remains the same.
They are run by the user standing on the board and pushing the scooter with one foot,
while holding a small handle attached to the front wheels for steering. Push scooters
don't have motors attached, so the speed of the scooter is limited by the speed at
which the user can push it. While there is not much chance of the rider getting hurt
because of high speeds, the speed can increase dramatically while going downhill.
Therefore it is always recommended that the rider use protective gear such as a helmet
and kneepads and follow the safety standards relating to the design of the scooter
being used. Push scooters are still widely used by children for recreation or to
commute short distances.

Nowadays, push scooters (also known as kick scooters) are made out of light metal
and feature wheels fitted with ballbearings. Manufacturers produce models with
innovative features and competitive pricing to capture as big a portion of the market
as possible. With the wide variety available, selecting a scooter for your kids may be a
difficult task. There are so many features to choose from including but not restricted
to removable wheels, rubber tires on the wheels, reflectors, adjustable seats, chrome
fenders and many, many more.

Scooters are usually sold through retail outlets, although not all makes and models
will be available everywhere. You will also be able to purchase push scooters on the
Internet. Department stores may stock some popular makes and models. Whatever
type of scooter you decide to buy for your kids, always remember to comparison shop
and make sure that the safety standards have been complied with by the manufacturer.

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