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									Charlotte Prom Limo produces a stylish and a luxury ride for a business meeting,
prom night or any other parties. The Charlotte Limo has extra features like a fifth door,
for extra comfort getting in and out, black title floor, two tone interior, 2 black lacquer
bars, DVD in all one console, 4 flat screen TV's AM and FM stereo CD with surround
sound, Neon lights, fiber optic light in bars, one built in lighting tube with two level
bar, dome lights, mood lights, strobe lights, laser lights and partition.

Charlotte limo has an exceptional fleet of transportation that will praise your
destination in style whether it is a prom, a wedding, a party or any other occasion.
Limousine services are reliable, trustworthy, reliable and most importantly punctual
means of transportation. For the wedding events the Charlotte Limo and the Stretch
Limo requires a deposit charge. A high level of security is ensured by having the
transaction on a secure server using SSL encryption technology.

We can make our reservations online and book a Charlotte Prom Limo. The charges
of the vehicles during the holidays and in bad weather are high. The Charlotte Limo
has seat belts for the security of children while traveling. For the infant babies the rear
facing seats must be used. These types of seats come with or without removable base.
For both the infants and toddlers, the convertible seats can be used.

For the benefit of toddlers most of the limousine seats are designed rear facing
position and the seats that are forward facing are used for one year old children.
Children should ride in a forward facing position with the full internal harness seat
that offers complete safety for the child, this is the recommendation of he American
academy of pediatrics. The booster seats are used for the children exceeding their
weight limit. These types of seats are designed with internal harness to the vehicle lap
and to the shoulder belt. We should not use a booster seat with a lap belt.

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