Practical Uses for Single Speed Bikes

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					There has been a growing movement toward single speed bikes for a number of
reasons. At a glance, they may not seem like a great choice. Given the simplicity of
the bikes, with no opportunities to switch gears, they may not seem ideal. However, if,
as a consumer, you consider exactly why you are buying a bike, and when and why
you will be riding your new bike, you may find that the single speed bikes are exactly
what you are looking for.


Single speed bikes have been use for years under various circumstances. Children's
bikes are almost always single speed bikes. BMX bikes and dirt bikes are single speed
as well. Track bikes and cruiser type bicycles (wider bikes with ballooned tires and
wide, padded seats) are single speed bikes. They are also used for training for bike
racers, because riding a single speed bike is said to improve a rider's pedaling

It can make an excellent commuter bike for work or school, when the terrain is
predictable and constant, and there are few environment challenges, like ditches to
jump and streams to ford.


The simplicity of single speed bikes is a huge draw both for sportsmen and
commuters. BMX riders and stunt cyclists, for example, only use first gear anyway, so
they do not need the extra gears, and when there is a fall or an accident, there are
fewer parts to break or need replacement.

For the commuter, the simplicity is still a draw. Time and money are both of the
essence for most of us, and with a simple brake construction and only a single gear,
care and maintenance are much cheaper and simpler.

Single speed bikes are generally lightweight and easy to handle. Commuters may
need to carry their bikes into the workplace, or up a flight of steps, indoor or outdoor.
With a lightweight bike, this is not difficult, even in a suit. The lightweight
construction also improves maneuverability in case of an unexpected pothole or

The overall efficiency of the driveline is also an advantage. Without the complicated
gear system of a freewheel bicycle, and with a straight chainline, efficiency is greatly
improved overall; the ride is less stressful for the rider and less wear on the bike.


Because of the inability to shift gears, the single speed bikes are simply less versatile.
They are not ideal for mountain biking, riding up and down steep hills or biking cross
country, when conditions may change and make multiple gear choices ideal.

It will be slower than a multi-speed bicycle, because a multi-speed bike can reach a
point at which the wheels are turning faster than the cyclist is pedaling; this point is
not reached on a single speed bike.

SE 700C Series

The new SE 700C series of single speed bikes offers a variety of looks and styles
from which to choose. Aluminum and alloy frames add to the ease of maintenance
and lightweight structure that make single speed bikes so desirable.

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