Power Tools vs. Hand Tools by aihaozhe2


									Stop wasting your time with using hand tools when you could be using power tools
that are faster and more efficient. Hand tools have been around for centuries and are
simple but slow. Today we still have hand tools but they are old technology and out
dated. Hand tools were all that we had until power tools were introduced to the public.
Power tools are what built the United States and all of the cities in it were all
constructed with the help of some kind power tool.

Power tools revolutionized how we did our everyday tasks. Power tools enabled us to
get more work done with less user fatigue than compared to using hand tools. Power
Tools allowed a person to get the job done 2 to 3 times faster than compared to using
hand tools which allows more time to do what you want and not chores or work. Why
pound nails with a hammer when you can use a nail gun. Why turn wrenches and
ratchets when you can use air tools and finish in half the time and half the effort. I
even know people that only take their cars to mechanics that use power tools because
power tools will get the job done in half the time saving you money.

Then Power Tools went to the next level by going cordless. Cordless power tools
allowed a person to go anywhere and everywhere with no cords attached. No more
dragging around extension cords or being limited to working next to an outlet. Today's
technologies have made power tool batteries with 2 times more capacity and only 1
hour charge times. With 2 batteries and a charger, a person could work all day without
running out of battery power. Cordless power tools work great for working on roofs
because extension cords tend to want to slide off the roof or they are not long enough
and won't reach your work area. Little things like this take up a lot of time and will
slow your productivity down.

So when are you going to put down the screw driver and pick a power drill. If you're
looking to use power tools on the job I recommend Name Brands such as DeWalt,
Makita, Milwaukee, or Skil. If you want a power tool to use around the house I
recommend Non-Name Brands because their a third of the price of name brands and
still are just as good. Our whole community depends on power tools anywhere from
cordless drills to impact wrenches we all depend on them and most of us use them

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