Post-Driving Test for Young Drivers by aihaozhe2


									Passing your driving test is an exciting time for young drivers as a world of
independence is opened up to them. This could mean numerous things for a young
new driver such as being able to go to a concert or a party without having to pester
mum or dad for a lift, have a road trip with friends or even a simple day out at their

When an adolescent obtains their drivers licence, it could be shown as a sign of
maturity showing they have the ability to handle the responsibility that comes with
driving. After all, its not just their own life they are responsible for when theyre
driving so it can also help gain respect from others.

Their appetite for knowledge about cars can develop when they realise whats on offer
around the world. It can consume ones life working to try pay for new exhaust pipes,
stereos, a paint job, a larger engine and all because theyve grown to love their car.
They learn not only the responsibility that comes of being able to drive but also the
importance of maintaining the vehicle so that they can sustain the luxury of driving.

A strong element of trust is needed between a parent and a child as a reasonable
proportion of young adults will be using their parents car until they are fortunate
enough to have one of their own. However, sometimes there are situations where the
owner/parent will think the car will be too much of a challenge or too expensive for
the child/new driver to manage. These situations can arise when say, for example, the
family owns two cars - one being the latest BMW model and the other being a Polo
from the early 90s. It is understandable that the owner may not want the new driver to
be testing their skills on the primary family car. The most common reason behind this
is because usually the new driver will have learnt to drive in a more user friendly
vehicle and the transition to something more difficult would be too great so its in their
best interests to keep the new driver safe with something they are familiar with, even
if that means waiting to buy their own.

One of the first things you should do if your child will be using your car or even
having one of their own is finding the right car insurance online for them. There are
many car insurance companies to choose from and bearing in mind various factors
such age and sex of your child; you can find the car insurance out there that suits you.
The internet is full of comparison and review sites that can help you find something
suitable for your situation.

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