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									The name

Interestingly, the car that we today know as the 911 was initially named the 901 (901
being its internal project number). However, the rival company Peugeot objected to
the name on the ground that they had an exclusive right to name cars with three digits
and the middle digit being 0. Although these rights were only valid in France, Porsche
renamed the line of cars to 911 to avoid any complications. Thus was the name for
one of the most popular automobiles in history selected; as a compromise.

The development

Since it's unveiling in 1963, the 911 has gone through many transformations and with
the advent of newer and most advanced technology, the modifications are still going
on. The 911 range can broadly be classified into two on the basis of the cooling
technology used in them. They are -

? Air cooled - These vehicles used air as the cooling medium for the engines and
thus the heat losses were substantial. The earliest 911's were of this type and the
technology was used by Porsche till 1998. The cars built with this technology include
Porsche 911 classic (1964-1989), Porsche 964 (1989-1993) and Porsche 993
(1993-1998) wide body.

? Water cooled - As the name reveals, this line of vehicles had water as the cooling
medium and thus their efficiency improved manifold. This technology has been
adopted by Porsche for all its vehicles since 1998. The cars built with this technology
include Porsche 996 (1999-2004) and Porsche 997 (2004-Present).

Interesting facts about the 911

?   The 911 is the third oldest sport car nameplate still in production in the world.

?   A poll for the Car of the Century saw the 911 being voted the fifth favourite.

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