Pimp My Ride- Start With Your Rims by aihaozhe2


									If you want to enhance the appearance of your car without spending too much money
on body kits, or you want to take it slowly to budget your expenses for your car, you
should consider changing your car rims first. It is a fact that one of the most
noticeable features in a car are the rims. So, if you are planning to customize your car
and give it a better look, you should start by replacing your after market rims with a
better looking set and also one that will improve the overall performance of your car.

First, there are different types of rims available today. There are spinners, chrome
rims, American racing rims, truck rims and custom rims. All these rims differ in price,
size, design, weight and mounting options. If you are a person who just wants to
improve the look of your car, you should get spinners or chrome rims. However, if
you also want to improve the performance of your car, try getting rims that are built
for racing. It is lighter in weight and it improves that road performance of your car.

Most people know that custom rims improve the appearance of a car. However, what
many people don't know is that rims also contribute to the overall road performance
of a car. In the early days, rims were made with steel, which were heavy and the
handling of the car suffered. However, today car rims are aerodynamically designed,
and are lighter which will enhance a car's handling performance.

The size of the rims is also important. The larger the rims of a car, the better it looks
and the better the performance. By increasing the size of the rims, you will have better
steering response from the car. This is because larger rims tend to increase the surface
area of the wheel that comes in contact with the road. Also, because you will be
covering most of the rubber in the tires, your car will also look a lot better.

Racing rims are very popular in street cars today. However, there are some people
who only prefer to enhance its appearance. If you want a better looking car, and are
not really concentrating much on performance, you can consider getting chrome rims
or spinners. Chrome rims are popular because of its shiny appearance. Another
popular trend today is by installing spinner rims on a car. This particular rim does not
have any performance value but is still very popular and eye catching. What spinners
do is it creates an optical illusion that even when the car is stationary, it will look as if
the wheels are still spinning.

Custom rims are also very popular. This is because it is made from scratch and it is
made according to your specifications on what your new rims will look like. Custom
rims will cost a little more because it is made from scratch.

These are the kinds of car rims available in the market today. So, if you want to
improve the appearance and performance of your car, you can consider upgrading
your after market rims to custom rims, spinners, and racing rims. Always remember
that by installing larger and lighter rims, you will also improve the performance of
your car.
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