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									Honda released Honda City in most of the Asian countries like Pakistan, Malaysia,
Indonesia and India. It was launched in the year 2000 after certain modification.
Honda City has sporty suspension set-up. In the year 2005, new version was launched
in Indian markets.

This upgraded version had new front grille, modified taillights, new headlamps &
bumpers. There are various models of Honda City launched after modification.

Most of the models have common features. There have been slight changes in the
models as per market requirement and feedback from the customers. The following
are some important features of Honda City:
1. Honda City has sleek & sturdy shape.
2. The frontal design is inspired by European Honda Civic & Honda FCX.
3. The headlamps have reflector lenses.
4. The rear has aggressive looking bumper & taillights.
5. It has five spoke alloy wheels.
6. Elegant fog lamps.
7. Chrome door handles.
8. Sporty exhaust finisher.
9. Newly modified front & rear mud guards.

The new model of Honda City is longer & sturdier than the previous models. The
sleek body shape of the car is very appealing. This car is very comfortable to travel.
The cabin is more spacious. It offers very contented ride for its passengers. It can
easily accommodate five people. The interiors of the car are rich and elegant. The
steering is adjustable and makes the driver very comfortable while driving. It has got
wonderful integrated system. The audio system comes with remote controls. It also
has controls over the steering.

There is a felt lined compartment for iPods. The iPod can be installed and used via
car's audio system.
Honda City has Anti lock braking system. It has pre-tensioned seat belts. The
structure of the car in the front ensures pedestrian safety. It has got G-force control
technology body with crush proof survival zone.

Honda City price is between the range of Rs.8, 80,000 to Rs.9, 70,000.
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