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									Gratitude, gratitude, or appreciation is a positive emotion or angle in acknowledgment
of a benefit that one has received or will receive. The experience of gratitude has
historically been a focus of several world religions, and has been considered
extensively by moral thinkers like Adam Smith. The systematic study of gratitude
inside psychology only started round the year two thousand, doubtless because
psychology has usually been focused more on understanding trouble rather than
understanding positive feelings. However, with the appearance of the positive
psychology movement, gratitude has changed into a mainstream focus of
psychological research.

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Whilst many feelings and personality characteristics are important to well-being, there
is evidence that gratitude might be uniquely important. First, a longitudinal study
showed that folk who were more grateful coped better with a life transition. Both
studies showed that gratitude was in a position to explain more well-being than the
Enormous 5 and 30 of the most typically studied personality traits.

We tend to believe that happiness comes from what occurs, for example what we buy,
what we achieve, and where we are going on vacations. But it doesn't work that way.
Happiness comes from being grateful.

But it seems that many people be afflicted by the Bart Simpson syndrome. When we
feel entitled to what we get, we are unable to be thankful. Also, expressing gratitude
implies dependency and indebtedness, feelings that don't fit well with our self-made,
I-can-do-it-myself cultue.

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