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Penalty driving without insurance in Minnesota


									Driving without insurance in Minnesota is against the law. Everyone has to have a
proof of insurance while driving a vehicle in Minnesota.

There are no proper statistics, but insurance experts feel that one in six drivers in
Minnesota is without insurance. Some blame the state of our economy because
increase in unemployment signifies raise in the number of people with no car
insurance. Despite the fact that the state doesn't perform checks on all drivers, the
chance of you getting caught is extremely high if you cause an accident.

If caught without insurance and you are not the owner of the automobile, a notice will
be sent to the owner who will have to provide a proof of insurance. After receiving the
notice, the owner has ten days to comply. An owner who fails to provide a proof of
insurance is guilty of a misdemeanor.

The penalty for driving without insurance may vary, depending on the
circumstances.It may be considered a misdemeanor crime, if it is your first offence.It
will be regarded as a gross misdemeanor, if you have had similar violations in the last

In same occasions you may be allowed to produce a proof of auto insurance before
appearing in court. However, even if you provide such proof before the court date,
you may still receive a fine between $200 and $1000.The Court can order you to serve
up to 90 days of jail time. Your license may be suspended and your registration

If you have to appear before Court for driving without insurance, you may want to
check if obtain auto insurance before your court date will reduce the penalties.

The truth is that because uninsured drivers are not contributing to a pool of cash to
cover crash costs, insured drivers end up paying higher rates. Apart from being illegal,
driving without insurance is also immoral. You shouldn't be on the road if you can't
afford insurance.

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