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					Make sure the broker is licensed to legally sell cars in your state. Northern VA 1800
auto Broker is legally licensed to sell in Northern Va, Maryland and Washington DC

Ask questions to the company or individual about how they find deals on cars, what
background they have in the car business and if they receive any money from
dealerships or carmakers for making deals. Northern Va 1800 Auto Broker takes their
clients tod the same auctions that dealerships attend.

 Look for feedback about other customers' experiences with the broker on auto chat
boards, like's Town Hall forums. We havecase studies on our websites.

 Confirm that broker fees are charged on a flat-rate basis to ensure that you get the
best deal on your car.

Check with any wholesale clubs or auto clubs to see if they offer car-buying services
free of charge.

Ability to go to dealer auctions. Auctions are where we do most of our purchases.

Must have patience. Northern Va 1800 auto Brokers has the patience of Job.

Willing to go the extra mile. Our middle name is can we do more for you.

Must have the ability to explain the process clearly and precisely. Read our vehicle
processing on the website

Shows you the difference between the retail price and wholesale price.

No hidden fees or fast talk.

Offering great customer service and the best price.

Most importantly an advocate for the purchase.

Call 1-877-AUTO-814

Northern VA 1800AutoBroker is able to do so through various means, one cutting out
"the middle man" and two, no overhead. Northern VA 1800AutoBroker is not a
dealership, and we do not have the high overhead of a everyday dealership. We buy
directly from dealers sales and deliver to the customer, getting the best price for every
client for their particular vehicle. When buying vehicles for our clients directly from
dealer sales, Northern VA 1800AutoBroker removes the dealerships involvement.
This is where most price inflation occurs. We happily pass the savings on to you.
 Because we want your business, Northern VA 1800AutoBroker guarantees that we
will not be undersold by any dealership….

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