Pentax Optio S4 4MP Digital Camera w 3x Optical Zoom

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Raising the stakes from its predecessor--the groundbreaking Optio S--the Pentax Optio S4 adds more
megapixel resolution without adding any size to the camera's sleekly designed, tough aluminum-alloy
body. It features a unique 3x zoom sliding lens system body that allows the lens to move up, away, and
lie fully flush within the camera frame to protect the lens and allow for the camera's tiny dimensions.
Optics and Resolution
 With the high-level imaging power of 4.0 effective megapixels (2304 x 1728 pixels), the Optio S4
captures everything from macro shots to distant scenery with exceptional sharpness and accuracy.
Other resolution modes include 1600 x 1200, 1024 x 768, and 640 x 480. Equivalent to a
35–105mm lens in 35mm format, the 3x optical zoom allows a full range of shooting from expansive
scenery to telephoto shots. All elements are crafted entirely from glass and two of the lenses are
aspherical on each side. Combined with 4x digital zoom, the Optio S4 offers 12x combined zoom
capability. Movie Mode
 In addition to taking still photos, the Optio S4 can also record movie clips of up to 60 seconds with
audio at 12 frames per second. The limited resolution of your movies guarantees that this feature won't
replace your camcorder, but it's perfect for when you just want to capture a quick movie and e-mail it to
a friend or relative. The time-lapse movie function allows a sequential set of shots to be run as a short
film. This can be used for impressive effects, such as scenes of clouds rushing across the sky, for
example, and offers a selection of recording speeds--X2, X5, X10, X20, X50, and X100. More
 With a shutter release time lag of just 0.01 seconds, the Optio S4 allows switching from viewing to
shooting with a single touch of the shutter or playback button at any time. The built-in flash on the
Optio S4 can be set to fire automatically when shooting in low-light conditions. For greater control, the
camera also features flash-on, flash-off, and red-eye reduction modes, and there’s also the option
of slow shutter sync when shooting in "night scene" mode. The Optio S4 offers a choice of two kinds
of autofocus. 7-point autofocus helps you achieve sharp focus even when subjects are off-center. Spot
AF, on the other hand, lets you place the center of focus on one point out of a choice of 49 in the
frame, marking that point in the viewfinder for easier use. Macro mode allows shots from as close as
7.08 inches from the subject, while selection of super macro shooting allows you to compose from as
close as just 2.36 inches. The OptioS has been specially designed with audio recording capability
rivaling the abilities of standalone audio recording devices. This can be exceptionally handy for
recording important information in meetings. An index can be added during recording for easy
playback. Other features include: 1.6-inch color TFT LCD screen with histogram display Macro
mode: 7.08 inches Shooting modes: program, picture mode, night scene, movie, panorama assist, 3-D
image, digital filter, user Picture modes: landscape, flower, portrait, self-portrait, surf and snow,
autumn color, sunset White balance control: TTL auto, preset, custom white balance Storage and
 Images can be stored in the internal 11 MB memory or on optional Secure Digital (SD) or
MultiMediaCards (MMC). Images can be downloaded to either a Mac or PC via USB 1.1, which means
the camera can be connected to any USB-based Windows Me/2000/XP and Mac OS 8.6 or later
computer without installing any software. Power and Size
 The camera is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (D-L18, included). It measures 3.3 by 2.0
by 0.8 inches and weighs 4.1 ounces (with battery). What's In The Box
 This package includes the Optio S4 digital camera, battery and battery charger, USB and AV cables,
hand strap, and CD-ROM with image software (the latest version of ACDSee 5.0 software designed
exclusively for Pentax Optio digital cameras) and USB drivers for Windows and Mac.
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