Nitro RC Cars The Hot RC Car by aihaozhe2


									The Nitro RC car or gas powered RC car is an rc car that runs on a special fuel -- a
mix of oil, nitro-methane and methyl alcohol.

 It's kind of like a smaller version of a top fuel dragster.

The ESP of a Nitro Remote Control car is that it is far more powerful and runs longer
compared to Electric RC cars. This is definitely not your father's rc car. They are a
little more expensive than their electric counterparts - both to own and maintain.

While electric RC cars are ideal for beginners, Nitro RC cars are intended more for
the serious hobbyists and racers.

Basically, a Nitro RC car has an internal combustion engine of 2-stroke or 4-stroke
type. Fuel is supplied from a small tank that contains the special fuel. Regular
gasoline will not work in these engines.

you start the car either with a pull start cord or with a starter box.

Just like real cars, these engines have a carburetor, air filter and other such
components of the internal combustion engine. They also have the universal
components like, electronic radio control, servo speed control, transmission / gear
system, drive train, differentials, steering system, shock absorbers, and batteries for
head lights.

Why is an RC car so special and expensive?

First, the complex engine and its components are costly, compared to the simple
motor in the electric RC car. In addition, a battery for the electric car is a simple one
time investment compared to the ongoing fuel costs of Nitro RC's.

In addition, Nitro RC cars gather more dirt and grease. More running components in
any system mean there will be more wear and tear.

Both these add to the maintenance cost.

 However, for the sheer power and racing range, the Nitro RC cars are the leaders in
RC toys.

You may choose the cars in 1/8, 1/10, 1/12, 1/20 scales as well as mini nitro RC cars.
The 1/8 and 1/10 scale Nitro Remote Control cars are the most popular ones with
racers and serious hobbyists.

They can be bought in most hobby stores or on the Internet for between $200 to $400.

This is definitely not a beginner's price!

On the other hand, it's nowhere near as expensive as a full-sized Porsche, yet it helps
fulfill your racing dreams. At 60 to 100 kmph speeds, they are very definitely

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