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					Audi's all-new A6, on show for the 1st time in these official images, will ape its Audi
A8 big brother in more ways than one when it hits showrooms next year. Proclaimed
by Audi as "the most successful executive saloon in the world", the last Audi A6 has
outsold both BMW's 5-series and Mercedes' E-class globally. However, its worldwide
lead is, in no small part, attributable to sales of Audi's locally assembled
long-wheelbase Audi A6 in China. Even launching into a market in which both the
5-series and E-class are performing beyond expectations, Audi India will be hoping
that the new Audi A6 can consistently top its segment in the US, Germany and the UK
- something that was beyond the previous model.

Bucking the trend for incrementally expanding replacements, the new Audi A6 is
slightly shorter than the outgoing car, with a lower roofline. It is, however, wider than
its immediate forebear and, courtesy of Audi's MLP platform, has a shorter front
overhang and longer overall wheelbase than the last Audi A6. This makes for greater
legroom and shoulder room throughout the cabin, as well as a more optimal weight
distribution. Although it is fitted with more electronic sub-systems as standard, Audi's
new A6 is 80kg lighter than its antecedent, model for model. Wider use of aluminum
in the hybrid aluminum/steel superstructure means that the new car's body-in-white is
now 20% aluminum and weighs 15% less than it would if constructed exclusively
from mild steel. The car's doors, wings, bonnet, bootlid and bumpers are also

There will be 4 engines to choose from when the car goes on sale and there could be
as many as 5 more in the pipeline. The launch offering will start with a 175bhp,
2.0-litre TDI - which will likely be the volume seller. Equipped with a 6 speed manual
gearbox; there will also be a 3.0-litre TDI on offer in some markets. The higher-output
diesel will get Quattro 4 wheel drive and Audi's seven-speed S-Tronic double clutch
gearbox. This 4th generation Audi A6 breaks the mould by being launched without 8
cylinder petrol engine. Although other markets will be offered a 202bhp 2.8-litre
normally aspirated V6 FSI as well and 3.0 TFSI with 298bhp, quattro four-wheel
drive and a 7 speed twin-clutch gearbox. Optional S-Line suspension honed by
Quattro GmbH and a sports styling kit will give owners the opportunity to add some
dynamism to the flagship Audi A6. However, a faster V8-powered S6 will be along

For those more impressed by economy, a hybrid petrol-electric Audi new A6 will be
launched in 2012, using a powertrain adapted from that of the Audi Q5 hybrid.
Several measures have combined to make the Audi new A6 up to 19% more
fuel-efficient than the outgoing model. A drag coefficient of just 0.26 minimizes both
aerodynamic resistance and wind noise. Audi new A6 features engine stop-start as
standard, as well as all of the economy-boosting technologies that Audi collects under
its 'recuperation' banner.
Twin-clutch gearboxes have replaced less efficient torque converter autos on the
higher-powered models. This Audi A6 is also only the 2nd longitudinally engined
Audi, after the A7, to get more efficient, completely electric power-assisted steering.
Lightweight aluminum chassis arms form part of the Audi new A6's suspension,
which consists of a 5 arm double wishbone-like arrangement up front and more
conventional trapezoidal multi-links at the back. Steel springs come as standard and
are available in the incrementally stiffer tunes of standard, Sport and S-Line. Air
springs are available as an option. Audi will also fit a new mode Audi Drive Select
system on the new A6, with which drivers can tailor the power steering assistance,
throttle response and drivetrain settings to suit their tastes. The Comfort, Auto,
Individual and Dynamic modes will be familiar to current Audi A8 owners, while a
new Efficiency mode sets up all of the A6's adaptable systems for optimum economy.
Expect the all Audi new A6 to be launched in India shortly after its global unveiling
sometime in April next year.
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