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									It is not recommended nor condoned by many states to ride a motorcycle without a
helmet. The head is the most vulnerable to injury and a good helmet will avoid
injuries. Getting one of these excellent helmets at a good price is a bonus. An ample
selection of helmets can be viewed at
Many Harley Davidson fans like the beanie type helmets and German style helmets.
Beanies cover just the top of your head, while German helmets give you some
additional protection. It is based on preference and the desire to have your face open
to the elements, covered by only a pair of glasses. will advise
and guide you to which helmet fits your style.
There are other variations in helmets, with Snell approved helmets costing more than
Department of Transportation (DOT) approval which is required. Many motorcycle
riders want full head protection. This is possible with either a full face helmet or a
modular helmet. These give full neck and head protection. The advantage of the
modular helmet is the ability to lift the chin section enabling the rider to get a drink
without removing the helmet. Check out the wide and appealing selection of phoenix
az motorcycle helmets at
A compromise among helmets is the open face. The head is well-protected and the
face is protected by a removable shield which also can be manipulated into different
positions. The shields can be snapped out for smoke shields and reflective style
shields depending upon lighting conditions.
Motorcycle helmets are an integral part of motorcycle riding. Let
in phoenix az be the company you can depend on for all your helmet needs. This is an
experienced company with knowledge of the equipment used by bikers. When in the
market for motorcycle helmets in phoenix, az go to

Author Info-Andrew Jones is a self proclaimed motor bike enthusiast. He writes
numerous articles on various aspects of motor cycling including the bike accessories.
He enumerates the advantages of motorcycle helmets phoenix az for a safe ride.

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