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					A helmet is on of the most important safety factor when anyone decides to get
motorcycle.The motorcycle riders is more susceptible to crash situations and crash
statistics paints a severe picture. Majority of the people do not realize the importance
of wearing a good
The interior of the helmet is padded so that it can fit more safely and offer more
protection. Helmets are designed with the intention that they crack and break from
particular areas because of the shock they absorb in case of a collision.
Types of Helmets
The selection of helmet depends on various factors including the type of
The Modular Helmet: it is also referred to as the flip up because the front portion can
be pivoted upwards. When modular helmet is closed, it resembles the full face design.
The Motocross: Especially made helmet for riders of dirt bikes. It provides extra
safety to chin area and visor. For full protection goggles are needed because
motocross has an open face design.
The Open Face: This helmet covers the head but gives no protection to chin area.
Half Helmet: It provides less protection in case of a crash so it is recommended for
short distances.

Motorcycle Safety
Following guidelines should be remembered for motorcycle safety.
1. Discard the helmet which once protected you in a crash even if it appears
2. Riders should use different helmets for day and nighttime riding. For instance,
darkened shield of full face helmet can blur the vision at night and increases the
chances of an accident.