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					Motorbikes are becoming a more and more popular method of commuting in cities.
There are three different categories of motorbike based on the size of its
engine-moped, learner motorbike and standard motorbike.
Moped is defined as a bike with an engine size of 50 cc or less, weighing less than
250 kg and being able to go no faster than around 30 mph.
Learner bikes are motorbikes with an engine size up to 125 cc and a power output of
11 KW.
Standard motorbikes are full size motorbikes.

Motorbikes manage to weave their way through traffic and reach their destination on
time. They are also cheaper to maintain and have better fuel economy. Furthermore, it
is much easier to find parking spaces for them in busy areas.

A casual rider should choose a mid range bike. He should join a safe rider class or a
motorbike club to learn defensive riding. A number of courses are also available to
help one to acquire training in motorbike driving. This will help him to avoid
accidents. Moreover, a person should never drive drunk, an alarmingly high number
of accidents and motorbike deaths occur because of a drunken driver it also
invalidates your motorcycle insurance.

A helmet should always be worn for safety. Safety helmets cannot prevent or stop
accidents but they can, in some measure, help to save a person's life when he meets
with an accident. By wearing a helmet while riding, brain injury deaths can be
avoided in motorbike accidents. A person needs adequate insurance cover to keep him
and others protected while on the road. Motorbike insurance has become necessary
due to considerable increase in the number of casualties.

An inexpensive motorbike would mean low cost motorbike insurance. This is the
reason for the suggestion given to choose a mid range bike. Most common type of
insurance chosen by owners is a comprehensive policy. This level of cover ensures
that in the event of an accident, the policy holder will be fully insured for the market
value of his motorbike as well as the repair cost of any damage caused to a third party
by the policy holder and in some instances the your accessories and equipment is
covered too.

In order to protect the motorbike from thieves, it should be parked in well-lit areas
and the frame should be secured to a fixed object with a strong and solid security
chain. An approved immobiliser should be fitted to prevent the engine being started
without the key and an alarm should also be installed.

It would be all the more better if a tracking device is fitted to help the police in
tracking the motorbike if it gets stolen. Thus motorbike riding can be fun if the riders
improve their safety awareness.
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