Riot by zombigoast


									<Author’s Comments> this is a little not-so-short story that takes place on the same planet, Laforza, as
Saedy, Zeek, and Sashu, but in a totally different time period. It’s kinda like in “The Giver” with the
town’s people lives totally controlled, but just a bit different. Some of the inspiration came from the
song “Riot” by Three Days Grace, and some from a dream about spider-man, fruit roll-ups, and a cougar
named Laforza (came after I named the world Laforza, and not named after the car “LaForza.” Seriously,
I hate when people steal other’s creativity.) Lastly, the main character’s name is pronounced DYOO-RAN.
Enjoy! -^^-


-- C1 --

They were amazing!

I watched as the two in grasshopper costumes jumped from rooftop to rooftop, generating mass chaos
throughout the little flat-roofed town of Alco. The officers were scattered all over, trying to catch the
two pranksters, constantly yelling into their radios for air support, but it was futile against them. I tore
my eyes away from the two free-runners, and scanned the area. I was still hidden in the wheat, but had
sub-consciously crept toward the edge of the field to the hill that had the amazing view of the free-
runners in action. The sound of workers collecting wheat grew louder behind me, so I decided to head
back home before someone’s machete sliced my back open. On the way down my favourite hill, I
watched the disguised free-runners, marveling at their amazing strength, endurance, and bravery. A guy
like me could never be as strong and overall as awesome as these two heroes.

I hate the government. They have absolutely no right to control our lives the way they do, and every day
I promised myself that I would do SOMETHING about their ignorance one day.

A voice from behind brought me back to reality, saying, “Hey, Deauron-hyong! Don’t get caught
sneaking about!”

“Say it louder, why don’t you?” I retorted.

“Ah, I’m just playin’!” replied my thirty year old friend, Gildan. He has about a million different and
changing jobs every day, and right then he was cutting the wheat. Even though I was about seventeen, I
had an older friend. What was so wrong with that?
“Oh, whatever! See you later, my man! And try not to get too old while you’re at it!” I joked. He
mumbled a good-bye, and I jogged the rest of the way down the hill.

Suddenly, the grasshopper guys were leaping and bounding in my direction! I dove into the forest beside
the field that spread to the street, and ran. Once I was totally winded (which didn’t take long,) I hid
behind the thick trunk of a Rowan tree, and sunk to the ground, clutching my cramped side.

“I’m totally pathetic,” I mumbled under my breath, then caught it again at the sound of rustling brush
behind me. I didn’t dare peek, so I just froze and listened to what might come next.

I heard footsteps, two pairs, followed by loud laughter that made me jump out of surprise.

Then they spoke.

“Ha! Awesome as always!” one yelled.

“Did you see that one guy’s face? The one on the toilet? Oh, that was priceless!” The other broke into a
musical laughter. For some reason, I felt creeped out, and almost with a yelp, I brushed the spider off
my forehead.

It must have been a pretty big spider, because the two strangers suddenly fell silent. Then, one walked
over to the fleeing arachnid, picked it up, and looked right at me. Directly at me. Only at me. And he had
a grasshopper mask in his hand, too.

The other guy walked over and when he saw me and my scraggly black hair, he gasped and froze in

And what did I do? Oh, I did the only thing that I ever do in awkward silences.
I burped.

And not just any burp, I made sure that this’n would be the throatiest, loudest burp in the history of
burps. And it was! I kept a straight face after the amazing belch, waiting for a reaction.

Their jaws dropped to the floor, and the spider scurried out of the first guy’s hand, down his leg, and
back up into his pants! I couldn’t hold back my laughter any longer and guffawed all over the forest floor
with the second guy, while the first one smacked and shook his leg to no end. Finally, he unzipped his
grasshopper jumpsuit and stood there in his underwear, shaking the spider out of his clothes, which
caused us to crack up even further.

When the spider finally skittered away, I realized that I just caused a hero to strip to his underwear and
shake a jumpsuit. Normally, I would chortle to no end, but the whole “hero” part stopped me in my

The other guy who was still fully clothed looked at me and probably thought that I knew something he
didn’t, and froze beside me. We were in the same awkward position as before, only the first guy was
partially naked.

I knew that another burp wouldn’t fly, so I held my hand out to the under-dressed guy, and said,
“Deauron-hyong.” Yep. Just my name.

After he stared a bit longer, he grasped my hand with a monster grip, and broke into a wide smile,
“Zeelic-hyeong.” He said, “My brother, Trenis-hyeong,” he gestured towards the guy on the ground.
They both had sandy blonde hair down to their earlobes, and light blue eyes, but the Trenis guy had his
hair slicked back. I guessed that they were athletic awesome twins, considering that Zeelic had a six-

Looking down at his body, Zeelic realized that he was still standing in front of a stranger in his
underwear, and zipped the suit back up, picking up his and Trenis’s masks.

Trenis looked at me and seemed to notice my eyes for the first time, “Whoa! Dude, your eyes are gold!”
he exclaimed.
“Looks more like hazel to me, bro.” Zeelic replied for me. I hate when people do that. “But I guess its
kinda gold lookin’,” he added.

Changing the subject, I said, “You two rebels?”

I expected them to say some witty comeback, but they just said “Yeah,” in unison. How do twins always
do that? Either way, it was strange that they were both being so serious, rather than slapping on some
cocky grins.

Zeelic must have noticed my expression and said, “This is serious business, nothing to joke about.” I
almost commented on the totally not serious underwear incident, but that wouldn’t have been cool. He
continued, “Its serious business. With this tight security, we don’t have real homes. We have to steal
food and supplies from the farms, which lately have started to realize that some stuff is missing. The tiny
box in the trees near here that we call ‘home’ is made of parts of the machetes and other tools they use
in the farms. We got our hands on them by sabotaging the produce–which is really difficult–causing
them to swing and break their tools, then later we dig them out of the trash. And these costumes?” he
gestured towards his grasshopper jumpsuit, “Yeah, they took about... huh, five years to fully complete?
Being a rebel like us isn’t exactly rewarding, but it sure is fun!” he ended with a totally unfitting smile.
“The free-running part, of course,” he added, “But, we aren’t the only ones who want change. There’s a
much larger, more powerful group called The Ledlix. They have weapons and strategies that no other
small group could dream of,” he explained, “There are –”

“Wait, how many smaller groups are there?” I stupidly interrupted.

He sighed, and said, “I was just about to say that there are about fifty, give or take a few.” He looked at
my expression and his eyes widened with worry, “No. Don’t even THINK about it! I saw how out of
breath you were! See, you’re still panting a bit from your laughing fit!” and I was. He continued, “and
your hair’ll get in the way too much! You might occasionally sneak out past curfew, but that’s nothing
compared to what we do! Thing is, you’re just not ready for this whole world in all its glory and cruelty.
Come on Trenis, were going ‘home’” he air-quoted the word “home” making me want to throw
something at him.

I probably shouldn’t have been so angry, but I was really a raw nerve after that lovely speech. I mean, I
could do it! I had the determination going on, I just need the whole abs and survival skills. Hey, I could
probably start a whole new rebel group with some of my friends and kick some serious government ass!
And if that fails, I can always find the Ledlix people and help them! Powered by stupid determination, I
ran all the way back home, and somehow didn’t get caught by any prowling officers. Maybe I was luckier
than I thought. Either way, I was gonna do this and nothing was gonna stop me! Well, other than Zeelic
and Trenis. They had a tiny sliver of a chance.

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