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David Mann Workshop Brochure


									                   Leading the Lean Initiative
                                                      Creating a Lean Culture Workshop
                                                         Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions
                                               January 20, 2011                                 January 21, 2011
                                                   Calgary                                         Edmonton

                    David       Mann,        Lean       Please join Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, Farm Credit Canada
                      Consultant and Author of          and the Creating Pathways for Entrepreneurial Families Project with the
                      “Creating a Lean Culture –        Alberta Business Family Institute for a one-day, hands on workshop on
                      Tools to Sustain Lean             “Leading the Lean Initiative”.
                     Conversions”, has deve-
loped and applied the concepts of lean                  Who should attend?
management systems for over 21 years with
Steelcase Inc. In his service with the company,         This workshop is recommended for leadership teams at all levels in an
he supported 40+ lean value stream                      organization that are looking to increase engagement, help sustain lean
transformations, as well as developing and              initiatives, and provide insights specific to your business or industry.
leading an internal team that completed over                   Corporate Managers,
100 successful office and product development
                                                               Plant Managers,
lean business process conversions. His current
practice includes lean and lean management
                                                               Business Unit Leaders,
implementation in production and enterprise                    Front-Line Supervisors,
business processes, troubleshooting stalled                    Lean Leaders and Teams
lean initiatives, as well as frequent training and
speaking engagements on lean management.              Participant Benefits
                                                        1. A clear understanding of the relationship between lean management
           Workshop Agenda
                                                           and lean production, and the necessity of lean management practice
                                                           measures and behaviors to sustain lean production
  • Lean’s Pitfalls: Harder than it
                                                        2. A model for understanding the role, contributions, and tasks of senior
                                                           management in a successful, sustained lean initiative
  • The Business Case for Lean
                                                        3. Familiarity with the format, content, and application of lean
                                                           management standards
  • Lean Management & Cultural
                                                        4. Skill building and critique in creating visual process controls, short-cycle
                                                           accountability task items and longer-cycle problem statements based
  • Snappy Salads: Case Study
                                                           on a real-life case study from the food processing industry
                                                        5. A clear understanding of the importance of senior level gemba walking,
  • Creating Visual Process
                                                           a small commitment of time but a crucial ingredient in sustaining the
    Controls: Hands on Exercise
                                                           lean initiative.
  • Drive Improvement:
                                                        6. Skill building and critique in creating items in leader standard work and
    Accountability Processes and
                                                           conducting a lean management gemba walk based on a real-life case
    Leader Standard Work
                                                           study from the food processing industry.
  • Senior Leaders’ Gemba Walks
    to Sustain Lean
  • Gemba Walk Tools to Engage
    Executives: Hands-on Practice
                                                 Creating a Lean Culture Workshop
                                                     Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions

                                                              Registration Form

     Calgary (January 20, 2011)             Edmonton (January 21, 2011)          Calgary
                                                                                 January 20, 2011                   8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Name ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                 Greenwood Inn & Suites
Title _____________________________________________________________              3515-26 St. NE
Name ____________________________________________________________

Title _____________________________________________________________
Name ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                     January 21, 2011                8:00 am- 4:00 pm
Title______________________________________________________________                  Sawridge Inn-Edmonton South
                                                                                     4235 Gateway Blvd. North
Organization ______________________________________________________                  888-729-7343

Address __________________________________________________________

City/Province ________________________ Postal Code ___________________           COST TO ATTEND:
                                                                                 $50 plus GST per registrant or $100
Daytime Phone (    ) ______________________Fax ( ) ___________________
                                                                                 plus GST for a team of 3 registrants
Email Address _____________________________________________________              *Team registration is strongly recommended

Special Requirements (dietary or access) ________________________________        INCLUDED IN YOUR REGISTRATION FEE:

Do you wish to receive information about similar events in the future?           •    David Mann’s “Creating a Lean Culture :
      Yes        No                                                                   Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions, 2nd Ed”
                                                                                      Book (mailed to participants prior to
THERE ARE THREE WAYS TO REGISTER WITH                                                 workshop)
ALBERTA AGRICULTURE & RURAL DEVELOPMENT:                                         •    Workshop Materials
1. Phone: Ag-Info Centre: 1 800 387 6030                                         •    Lunch
                                                                                 •    Coffee and Snacks
2. Fax: 403-742-7527 Attention Brenda McLellan
3. Mail: Ag-Info Centre, Attention Brenda McLellan                               REGISTRATION DEADLINE:
          Postal Bag 600
          Stettler, AB T0C 2L0
                                                                                 January 7, 2011
                                                                                 The personal information that you provide on this form will be used
                                                                                 to register you for this event and, if you choose, inform you of
Please indicate your method of payment:                                          similar events in the future. It is collected under the authority of the
                                                                                 Government Organization Act and Section 33 (c) of the Freedom of
    Visa      Mastercard        Cheque (made payable to “Minister of Finance”)   Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act of Alberta and is
                                                                                 protected by the privacy provisions of FOIP. If you have any
Credit Card No. _______________________________ Expiry: _______________          questions about the collection and use of this information, contact:
                                                                                 Avery Murphy, Development Officer
                                                                                 Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Name on Credit Card: _______________________________________________             105, 5025-49 Avenue
                                                                                 St. Paul, AB TOA 3A4,
Authorization Signature: _____________________________________________           or by calling 310-0000, then 780-645-6329

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