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Alas, Babylon Vocabulary

On a separate sheet of paper, please define the following words and give the part of speech for each.

   Chapter 1                        Chapter 6                       Chapter 10
   Excise                           Reprisal                        Volatile
   Irascible                        Moratorium                      Solicitous
   Diaphanous                       Purblind                        Respite
   Idyllic                          Pugnacious                      Gregarious
   Mausoleum                        Roentgen                        Chapter 11
   Throttle                         Fodder                          Retroactive
   Gaunt                            Carbine                         Refract
   Paralysis                        Chapter 7                       Sepsis
   Chapter 2                        Imperative                      Immutable
   Capitulation                     Fastidious                      Malleable
   Miasma                           Apprehensive                    Chapter 12
   Retaliate                        Noxious                         Commodity
   Deter                            Incongruous                     Liniment
   Untenable                        Athwart                         Chapter 13
   Cataclysm                        Catalyst                        Exhilarate
   Frugally                         Ignoramus                       Alleviate
   Chapter 3                        Bougainvillea
   Bacilli                          Ominously
   Saturnine                        Squalid
   Placebo                          Jalopy
   Inexorable                       Dysentery
   Endear                           Chapter 8
   Chapter 4                        Maelstrom
   Tier                             Infiltrate
   Assimilate                       Capricious
   Echelon                          Chivalrous
   Precocious                       Pablum
   Chapter 5                        Dilapidated
   Crescendo                        Boondoggle
   Roseate                          Nostalgia
   Redundant                        Obliquely
   Dour                             Indignation
   Aria                             Svelte
   Pallid                           Chapter 9
   Guillotined                      Implacable
   Queues                           Vicissitude
   Holocaust                        Patina
   Voracious                        Decadent
   Choked                           Vicissitudes

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