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17.   Award CC-1449-06/BLH – Renovation of Seminole County Fire
      Training Facility to Mulligan Constructors, Inc. of Winter Garden, FL

      CC-1449-06/BLH will provide for all labor, materials, equipment,
      transportation, coordination and incidentals necessary for the renovation of
      the Seminole County Fire T raining Facility located at 201 Valentine Way,
      Longwood, FL 32750. The scope of renovation includes but is not limited to
      work for classrooms, parking areas, Stormwater pond and free standing
      restroom facility.

      The project was publicly advertised and the County received four (4)
      responses. The Review Committee consisting of Amy Rossi, Program
      Manager, Scott Werley, Construction Manager, and Chris Johnson,
      Assistant Chief, reviewed the responses. Consideration was given to the
      bid price, qualifications, and experience.

      The Review Committee recommends award of the contract to the lowest
      priced, responsive, responsible bidder, Mulligan Constructors, Inc. in the
      amount of $1,196,000.00. The completion for this project is 180 days
      substantial completion plus 30 Days to Final, for a total contract time of 210
      calendar days from the issuance of the Notice to Proceed by the County.

      As discussed during the FY2006/07 budget work sessions, the Fire Training
      Facility project is an ongoing multi-year funded project with $1,807,661
      appropriated in the current year to cover the cost of classroom/offices,
      warehouse/logistics, road access for burn building, exterior restrooms,
      rescue tower, road replacement and parking resurfacing and auditorium
      design. An additional $250,000 is programmed for next year to cover
      building the auditorium. This is a budgeted project, and funds are available
      in account number 056100.560650, CIP#00239901 and CIP#00226101.
      Public Safety/EMS/Fire/Rescue and Fiscal Services Department /
      Purchasing and Contracts Division recommend the Board approve award of
      contract CC-1449-06 to Mulligan Constructors, Inc. of Winter Garden, FL.

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