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									United Technologies Newsletter   1

                                                          Message                                   Jim Gradoville, President of UTIO China

Contents                                                  In August, we all witnessed the successful and acclaimed Beijing Olympic Games. These
                                                          Olympics were one of my most unforgettable memories living and working in Beijing for
                                                          almost eleven years, but more importantly, they also fulfilled the Olympic dreams of
 3     UTC and Beijing Olympics                           1.3 billion Chinese. I am very proud to have been selected as an Olympic torch bearer by
                                                          Lenovo and the Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee which was a singular honor
 4     Carrier Secures Nearly 70 Percent of HVAC
       Contracts for Beijing Games                        and a thrill.

 5     Otis A Major Player in The 2008 Beijing Olympic    Of course, this opportunity was even sweeter as UTC business units were key suppliers of
       Games                                              the most reliable equipment and technical support that supported this renowned sports
 6     OTIS Elevators in Olympic Venues                   spectacle. Carrier, Otis and UTC Fire & Security won many Olympic venue contracts
       The Best Innovative Technology for the             including the “Bird Nest” National Stadium, the ”Water Cube” National Swimming Center
       Water Cube                                         and the Digital Beijing Building.
       EMSI Consults on LEED®Gold Beijing Olympic         In planning for the Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese government was determined to make
       Village Project                                    these the greenest Olympics ever. To achieve this goal, the planners required the most
 7     OTISLine Provides Multilanguage Support to         efficient and the greenest products for the Olympic venues and related infrastructures such as
       Ensure Elevator Safety for Overseas Visitors       the subway and transport systems. The seed for winning these contracts had its antecedent
                                                          years ago when senior management established aggressive goals and disciplines to reduce
 8     Otis Appoints Allen China President, the First
       Chinese Appointed Head of OTIS China               energy and hazardous wastes, while Carrier, Otis and the other business units embarked on
                                                          developing environmentally sound and energy-efficient products and solutions. UTC’s suc-
 9     Carrier and Midea Electric to form
       Manufacturing Joint Venture in China
                                                          cess in reducing energy use and water consumption by 19% and 49% respectively, while
                                                          doubling revenue, established a baseline for our Chinese businesses to position and sell their
10     Sikorsky S-76® and S-92® Helicopter Fleets
       Achieve Flight Hour Milestone
                                                          industry-leading green products in China. And today, our aviation companies are leading in
                                                          the development of green and innovative aerospace products. As the largest supplier of
11     Great Wall Airlines Selects Pratt & Whitney
       Global Service Partners for Fleet Maintenance
                                                          capital equipment in buildings which consume 30-40% of all the earth’s energy, we have a
                                                          large stake in the energy conservation agenda. Attention-getting examples of our commit-
12     New York Power Authority Selects UTC Power
       to Supply Fuel Cells for World Trade Center Site
                                                          ment to sustainable development are the green and energy efficient GeN2® elevator, the Pratt
                                                          & Whitney’s game changing “PurePowerTM PW1000G” Engine and the Carrier XRG.
       UTC Fire & Security Marks Fifth Anniversary        UTC entered the China market in 1900 when Otis installed China’s first elevator in the
13     Hamilton Sundstrand Will Move Forward
       Together with XAC in Chinese Turboprop
                                                          Shanghai Peace Hotel. Today, UTC has nearly 15,000 Chinese employees, working in more
                                                          than 70 cities throughout China promoting our products and solutions and, in turn, contrib-
       Programs                                           uting to the development of China’s strong and increasingly sustainable economy. UTC’s
14     UTRC China Efforts on High Performance and
       Sustainable Buildings
                                                          success in contributing to these most successful and green Beijing Olympics will inevita-
                                                          bly open a brand new chapter in the long history of cooperation between UTC and China. We
                                                          are all proud to be part of that legacy.
15     Pratt & Whitney Gears Up Suppliers with
       PurePowerTM PW1000G Engine :
       Pratt & Whitney Power Systems’ FT8
       MOBILEPAC Among World’s Best Power Plants

16     The Game Changing Technology Innovation

18     Hamilton-Sundstrand Industrial (Shanghai)
       Donates Mobile Integrated Water Treatment
                                                          Jim Gradoville
       Stations to Earthquake-stricken Area
                                                          United Technologies International Operations - China
19     Employees of UTC in Employee Scholar Program

 2    United Technologies

UTC and Beijing Olympics

          During the Olympic planning process, Chinese gov-        The pioneering OTIS GeN2® green elevators are
          ernment officials decided the Beijing Games would be     widely used in other Olympic venues. Other than
          the”greenest”Olympics. Providing advanced, energy        the National Aquatics Centre Water Cube, it won
          efficient, low emission products to support the Games,   the contracts for the Olympic Conference Centre,
          UTC is proud to be able to support the Beijing Olym-     the Olympic Press Centre, the Olympic Shooting
          pics with its goal of being the”greenest”Olympics.       Centre, the Laoshan Velodrome, and the Tianjin Olym-
                                                                   pic Center Stadium. The ”greenness, security, sci-
          Carrier achieved another milestone in its connec-
                                                                   ence and technology ” of OTIS products are the
          tion to the 2008 Beijing Games, securing nearly 70
                                                                   aces which won the company these honors.
          percent of all heating, ventilating and air-condition-
          ing contracts for the venues and supplied a full line    UTC Fire & Security’s Kidde Fenwal to supply
          of integrated systems to the Summer Games                its Phoenix FM200 advanced fire protection de-
          facilities. The Beijing Olympic Village achieved         livery systems in two key Olympic facilities:
          LEED® ND Gold certification with design consulta-        The Digital Beijing Building and the Beijing TV
          tion support from EMSI.                                  Center.

                                                                                         United Technologies Newsletter   3

Carrier Secures Nearly 70 Percent of
HVAC Contracts for Beijing Games
Carrier achieved another milestone in its connection
to the 2008 Beijing Games, securing nearly 70 per-
cent of all heating, ventilating and air-conditioning
contracts for the venues. Carrier supplied a full line
of integrated systems to the Summer Games facilities,
ranging from AquaSnap® air-cooled chillers with
Puron® refrigerant to large centrifugal chillers to air-
handling units, fan coil units and the Carrier Comfort
Network (CCN) controls system.

The “Water Cube” National Aquatics Center, one of
the major venues for the Beijing Games, utilizes four
Carrier centrifugal chillers, a control network and
air-side products. Carrier’s innovative technology re-
covers more than 50 percent of the exhaust heat in
the aquatics center and then uses it to warm the
swimming pool. “This technology reduces heat emis-
sion in the environment as well as the energy con-
sumed for heating,” stated Ross Shuster, president,
Carrier Building Systems and Services, Asia.
“Additionally, our high tier air-handling units have
gone through a strict anticorrosive process to ensure
long-term operation under a damp and high-chlorine
indoor environment.”                                       the data of air-conditioning system operations and
Another application featuring Carrier’s customized         release warnings.“This service helps ensure that
solutions is the Beijing University of Technology          Carrier’s air-conditioning systems are operating un-
Gymnasium for badminton and rhythmic gymnastics.           der optimized conditions with maximum energy
Carrier’s uniquely designed air-conditioning system        efficiency,” added Shuster.
uses a water-source heat pump to employ ground             One important venue in Beijing is a multi-building
water to prepare cold and hot water for air                community that will house athletes during the games.
conditioning.                                              The Beijing Olympic Village achieved LEED® ND
The “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium features the            (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for
first Chinese-produced HVAC product certified by           Neighborhood Development) certification with design
EN 1886, the highest international HVAC standards.         consultation support from Environmental Market
Carrier’s air-handling units have air leakage rate of      Solutions, Inc. (EMSI). EMSI is an environmental and
less than 1 percent and each unit is equipped with         green building company owned by Carrier. The U.S.
Carrier’s new high-voltage electrostatic air cleaner       Green Building Council (USGBC) awards the venue
to remove airborne particles which improves in-            LEED ND certification at the Gold level.
                                                                                                                  Award as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award
door air quality.
                                                                                                                  from the Chinese Environmental Protection Agency
                                                           Carrier’s Environmental Leadership
To ensure that the air-conditioning systems in all                                                                (EPA). In addition, Carrier was the first HVAC manu-
venues operate smoothly and efficiently, Carrier es-       For its environmental leadership around the world,     facturer to be permitted entry into the U.S. EPA’s
tablished a Remote Monitoring Center for the Beijing       Carrier was awarded the 2007 U.S. Environmental        Climate Leader program and a corporate founding
Games. The high-tech center can trace and analyze          Protection Agency’s Stratospheric Ozone Protection     member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

   4    United Technologies

                                      Otis A Major Player in The
                                      2008 Beijing Olympic Games
                                                                                                      cycling; Beijing Shooting Range Hall, shooting
                                                                                                      competitions; and the Tianjin Olympic Sports Center
                                                                                                                           and Shenyang Olympic Sports
                                                                                                                           Center Stadium, both football
                                                                                                                           venues. Otis products are also
                                                                                                                           in other venues including the
                                                                                                                           National Convention Center, a
                                                                                                                           news and broadcast center, and
                                                                                                                           the Prologis building, a distri-
                                                                                                                           bution facility for the Olympics,
                                                                                                                           as well as surrounding railways,
                                                                                                                           subways and airports.
                                                                                                                              The new sports venues were
                                                                                                                              constructed with aesthetics
                                                                                                                              and environmental congruity in
                                                                                                                              mind. Otis approached its task
                                                                                                                              in the same spirit.
                                                                                                                                 One of the most striking venues,
                                                                                                                                 the National Aquatics Center,
                                                                                                                                 known as the “Water Cube,”
                                                                                                                                 has 10 of Otis’environmentally
                                                                                                                                 friendly GeN2 elevators. Be-
                                               A new Xizi Otis escalator at the entrance of the Beijing South Railway Station.
                                                                                                                                 cause of its machine-roomless
                                                                                                                                 design, the GeN2 elevator en-
                                       The most international sporting event, the Olympic                 abled the architect to create a unique structure, al-
                                       Games, is relying heavily on Otis, one of the most                 lowing for seamless construction of the cube. The
                                       global companies in the world.                                     GeN2 system also provides “green” benefits, elimi-
                                                                                                          nating the need for additional lubrication, which can
                                       Otis has more than 1,400 new units at Olympic ven-
                                                                                                          pollute the environment, and reducing energy usage
                                       ues and related infrastructure valued in excess of
                                                                                                          by up to 75 percent compared to conventional eleva-
                                       $100 million. Twenty percent of the units are GeN2          ®
                                                                                                          tor systems.
                                       machine-roomless elevators.
                                                                                                          “Otis is an industry leader in innovation and green
                                       “As a company and as employees, we are proud and
                                                                                                          technologies,” said Allen Ge, president of Otis China
                                       excited to be part of so many Olympics projects,”
                                                                                                          Ltd. “We appreciate the trust the Olympics commit-
                                       said Perry Zheng, president of Xizi Otis Elevator
                                                                                                          tee has placed in Otis. It speaks well of the quality,
                                       Company, the largest of Otis’10 joint ventures in
                                                                                                          safety, reliability and environmental capabilities of
                                       China. “This is a landmark opportunity for our com-
                                                                                                          Otis products and the services we provide.”
                                       pany and our brand image.”
                                                                                                          During the Games, Otis’ most experienced mechanics
National Aquatics Center-Water Cube    Otis has provided products for the Olympic Games
                                                                                                          are on site or near every Olympics-related venue with
                                       under three brands - Xizi Otis, Otis and Sigma. Otis,
                                                                                                          Otis units. Service depots have been established near
                                       under the three brands, has installed and is servicing
                                                                                                          each site for quick and easy maintenance and parts
                                       units in Beijing and surrounding cities at 30 sports
                                                                                                          management of elevator and escalator systems.
                                       venues and related infrastructure built to support the
                                       Olympics. Sports venues with units provided under
                                       these Otis brands include the National Aquatics
                                       Center, swimming and diving; Laoshan Velodrome,

                                                                                                                                United Technologies Newsletter   5

                                                   OTIS Elevators in Olympic Venues
EMSI Consults on
LEED® Gold                                         The Best Innovative Technology for
Beijing Olympic                                    the Water Cube
Village Project
                                                   The Water Cube, being amongst the most scientifi-
Environmental Market Solutions, Inc.
                                                   cally and technologically advanced of Olympic
(EMSI), an environmental and green build-
                                                   venues, demands that its elevators be of the same
ing consulting company, provided consult-
                                                   high standard. Given security needs and the need
ing services for the Beijing Olympic Village,
                                                   for smooth, rapid transit within the building, the
the first project in China to achieve LEED®
                                                   greatest efforts were made with the machines in
ND (Leadership in Energy and Environmental
                                                   this building. Capable of detecting threats as soon
Design for Neighborhood Development)
                                                   as they arise and of self-correcting faults, the GeN2®,
certification. The Olympic Village is a multi-
                                                   a safe, intelligent elevator, has no engine room.
building community that will house athletes
                                                   The MFL installed real-time monitor any for broken
during the 2008 Summer Games. The U.S.
                                                   cables to ensure a safe and reliable power system.
Green Building Council (USGBC) awarded the
                                                   In addition, each GeN2 elevator contains at least
project LEED ND certification for the Olym-
                                                   three polyurethane composite steel strips, each with
pic Village Master Plan at the Gold level.
                                                   588 high-tension steel wires, to meet the demand
LEED is the internationally accepted stan-         for a secure, reliable cabin system.
dard for design and construction of high-                                                                                                       Otis GeN2 elevator
                                                   “OTIS puts elevator safety first. In order to ensure
performance, environmentally sound build-
                                                   the Olympic Games go smoothly, in addition to the
ings and community scale developments.
                                                   most advanced safety devices, OTIS also equips
Earning LEED Gold certification helps the                                                                    Cube’, elevators must take environmental harmony into
                                                   its machines with a perfect maintenance system
Beijing Games achieve its goal of being                                                                      account for a high-efficiency operation. This kind of
                                                   and professional technical personnel to guarantee
environmentally responsible. Carrier’s ex-                                                                   elevator, with low noise and zero oil pollution, can
                                                   trouble-free elevator operation”, said by Allen Ge,
pertise in providing innovative “green” prod-                                                                ensure the harmony of the building. I believe that all
                                                   the new president of Otis Elevator Investment
ucts enabled it to capture about 70 percent                                                                  who watch swimming at the Olympic will feel the
                                                   (China) Co., Ltd.
of all HVAC contracts awarded.                                                                               passion of the athletes, but also experience the quiet
                                                   The non-engine room system utilized by the GeN2           of the water and a comfortable feeling provided by
“Carrier and EMSI are honored to have par-
                                                   series of elevators is the only one to have passed        OTIS elevators.”
ticipated in the design of the Olympic
                                                   the highest standards and quality tests of the el-
Village,” said Kelly Romano, president,                                                                      For a landmark building like the “Water Cube”, aes-
                                                   evator industry. The control tank, drive and print
Building Systems and Services, Carrier.                                                                      thetics and applicability are crucial in elevators. El-
                                                   circuit boards all passed the system quality test 22
“We are honored to support China’s envi-                                                                     evator engine rooms have long been obstacles to
                                                   times, tests and thousands of components test are
ronmentally conscious theme of the Beijing                                                                   achieving architectural aesthetics. The square engine
                                                   conducted under extreme temperature.
Games, which is completely in line with                                                                      rooms on the tops of buildings often destroy the beauty
Carrier’s long-term commitment to develop          Apart from the safety of these elevators, these           of the building. This was a key consideration in choos-
and apply energy-efficient and environmen-         machines are characterized by a high degree of            ing elevators for the “Water Cube”. OTIS GeN2’s hosts,
tally sound building solutions.”                   environmental friendliness. All that is needed for        drivers and control tanks are all installed at the top of
                                                   their upkeep is the regular application of lubricant      the well, which means there is no need for an engine
Developed on a 160-acre site, the Olympic
                                                   for the normal operation of the cables and other          room. Compared with traditional elevators, a GeN2
Village is the largest non-competition venue
                                                   aspects of the equipment. However, a certain amount       elevator has an average saving of about 13 square
at the games. It includes 42 residential
                                                   of pollution from the oil can occur. But not at the       meters, the use of composite steel strips saving about
buildings, seven community centers, three
                                                   “Water Cube”, where the installed GeN2 elevators          100kg of steel than occurs with traditional cables.
commercial and retail center buildings, a health
                                                   use polyurethane composite steel strips rather than       There are other advantages in aspects of aesthetic
center, library, gyms, swimming pools, ten-
                                                   cables these 3mm thick, 30mm wide composite               appearance and convenient operation, so that archi-
nis courts, and a kindergarten. The Village is
                                                   steel strips have a wide contact with the traction        tects can put their designs into practice more easily.
expected to house more than 16,000 athletes,
                                                   wheels, reducing the friction between the two, and        The OTIS GeN2 green non-engine room elevator, with
team officials, and country delegations and
                                                   increasing the overall life of the elevator. Being        its strong space-saving features,
accommodate meetings and cultural
                                                   lubrication and oil pollution free, they can save         meets the high requirements          Polyurethane
activities.                                                                                                                                       composite steel strip
                                                   more than 10 percent of energy. Compared with             of Water Cube project for a
After the 2008 Games, the Guo Ao Invest-           cable, polyurethane composite steel strips reduce         highly efficient use of space
ment Company will convert the development          the weight by 20 percent, extending the service life      and for overall harmony, mak-
into a tourism site and residential area, avail-   of an elevator by up to two to three times; at the        ing for a classic construction.
able to Beijing residents in early 2009.           same time, ductibility and traction conductive effi-      This elevator is also widely used
                                                   ciency is improved. OTIS China president Allen Ge         in other Olympic venues OTIS won
                                                   said, “For a special construction like the ‘Water         the tenders for.

6    United Technologies

OTISLine Provides Multilanguage Support to
Ensure Elevator Safety for Overseas Visitors
What should overseas visitors do if they are trapped in the elevator during the Olympics? The
world largest elevator company, Otis has launched a 24-hour multi-language service to
support our overseas guests. The Line can answer English, German, French, Dutch and
other languages.

With its “Green” and “High - tech” products and professional service delivery model
Otis has won multiple contracts from Olympic Stadium and related facility projects.
Otis has built a specialist team to provide professional service teams to ensure elevator
safety during the Olympics. For the convenience of overseas visitors who come for the
Games, Otis especially delivered comprehensive English training to OTIS Line operators
to provide professional help quickly. If the caller speaks another language, there are sys-
tems in place to manage it.

  “      The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was a
         grand success! The accomplishment of
                                                                                         BSS Asia Employees Celebrate
                                                                                         Beijing Games with
                                                                                         “Olympic Baby Photo Contest”
         the spectacular opening ceremony and
         stirring new world records and other ex-                                        When the Beijing Olympic Games unveil its curtain under the world’s
                                                                                         attention, Carrier Building Systems and Services Asia employees are
         cited things, all of these cannot be suc-                                       privileged to enjoy even greater honor and pride for manufacturing
         cessful without the whole-hearted sup-                                          products for Olympic venues. They have celebrated the success both
         port from tens of thousands Olympic                                             for Carrier and China’s hosting Olympic Games by organizing an
                                                                                         internal campaign named “Carrier Olympic Baby Photo Contest”. The
         volunteers.                                                                     campaign was well received by BSS Asia employees with a total of
                                                                                         79 photos collected from around BSS Asia region to compete for the
                                                                                         coolest “Carrier Olympic Baby”.

        UTC Olympic Volunteer

          Cathy Chen, a Pratt & Whitney employee, worked as an accommodation
          volunteer during the Beijing Olympics at Beijing New Otani Changfugong
          Hotel. Her warmhearted service won recognition from the guests.
                                                                                       4 pictures winning first prize

                                                                                                                                    United Technologies Newsletter   7
      Business Development

Otis Appoints Allen China President, the First Chinese
Appointed Head of OTIS China
Speed Up the Pace to China Market, Build up High-end Elevator Brand
                                                               the Chinese market by Otis and the company’s deter-        market as well as the Chinese economy.” Allen said.
                                                               mination of further expansion in China.
                                                                                                                          In recent years, with the rapid development of elevator
                                                               Allen will be responsible for the overall strategy         market in China, Otis has achieved outstanding perfor-
                                                               formulation, business operation, market planning and       mance in both NE sales and service market. On the NE
                                                               implementation of Otis in China. Lindsay Harvey,           market, OTIS showed good momentum of growth and
                                                               the former president, will be promoted to president,       leading technology on urban projects and high-speed
                                                               United Kingdom and Central Europe Area (UCEA). In          elevator market. It has won the elevator projects of the
                                                               future, OTIS, led by its new head, will take a cus-        highest building in China, “Shanghai World Financial
                                                               tomer-oriented approach, dedicate to the promotion         Center”, Guangzhou West Tower, Guangzhou TV Tower
                                                               of production efficiency, product quality and cus-         and several high-rise buildings. Meanwhile, OTIS has
                                                               tomer service in factories so as to build up a “High-      first established the professional maintenance system
                                                               end and High-quality” brand image of OTIS elevator.        in China, to provide the efficient and professional eleva-
                                                                                                                          tor maintenance and service to customers. In July 2007,
                                                               Allen, having rich experiences in operation and man-       the world’s largest and most advanced factory of OTIS,
                                                               agement of the sector, had been holding key posi-          “OTIS Elevator TEDA Center”, the first green plant in
                                                               tions in famous international and domestic elevator        China, was put into use. In June this year, OTIS made
                                                               companies, which equipped him with a particular            investment in Chongqing to build up the new facility,
 Mr. Allen Ge, President, OTIS China
                                                               familiarity with the situation and features of the lo-     which will produce Otis’ most advanced and energy-
                                                               cal elevator market in China. “Over the past decades,      efficient elevators and escalators for western China and
Allen Ge was appointed as the first Chinese presi-             Otis has made great achievements and gained no-            overseas markets once it is put into operation. The
dent of Otis Elevator Investment (China) Co., Ltd, the         table recognition in the Chinese market, which was         establishment of the factory indicates that Otis has
world’s largest elevator company, Otis announced               quite challenging but gained rapid growth. In future,      basically formed four business regions in the northern,
recently. The nomination marked the company’s one              we will consolidate and enhance the leading posi-          southern, western and eastern parts of China. Allen also
other crucial step in its China market after the estab-        tion and brand reputation of Otis, bring the company       figured, “China is not only an important market but also
lishment of its branch factory in Chongqing in June            to another level through all efforts, and contribute to    a core base for its global market, playing a significant
this year, indicating the great importance attached to         the rapid and stable development of Chinese elevator       role in its global strategy.”

      Otis Elevator Company Expands Investment in China
      Otis signed an agreement for the commencement of           progress in building infrastructure. With China’s rate
      factory construction on June 5, 2008.                      of urbanization, we continue to have a bullish outlook
                                                                 for a long-term demand for elevators and escalators in
      The new facility, located in the China Chongqing’s         Chongqing and elsewhere in China.”
      Economic-Technological Development Area on a
      46,620 square-meter site, will produce Otis’most           The GeN2® elevator’s patented polyurethane-coated
      advanced and energy-efficient elevators and                steel belt requires no additional lubrication, making
      escalators.                                                it more efficient and cleaner for the environment. In
                                                                 addition, the GeN2 system incorporates gearless per-
      “It is a great significance that Otis builds a factory     manent magnet motors, reducing energy usage by up
      in Chongqing,” said Mr. Wang Yi, Deputy Director           to 50 percent compared to conventional systems.
      of Chongqing North New Zone Committee, “Through
      its extensive use of green technologies, this plant        On its escalators, Otis offers variable-frequency
      sets the standard for balancing our economic growth        drives and intermittent operation packages that re-
      with environmental protection.”                            duce energy consumption during off-peak times and
                                                                 prolong the life of the product. All exposed, applied
      Otis plans to build a factory that meets the U.S.          finishes on Otis escalators use a non-toxic powder
      Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and          coating technique that is environmentally friendly
      Environmental Design (LEED) Silver standards.              and durable.
      “China is the fastest growing market for Otis,” said       Once fully operational by 2009, the Otis Chongqing
      Allen Ge, president of Otis China Ltd. “We are pleased     facility will manufacture products that are targeted
      with our participation in Chongqing’s impressive           to serve China’s western and overseas markets.

  8    United Technologies
                                                                                                                                          Business Development

Carrier and Midea Electric to form Manufacturing
Joint Venture in China
                                                                                                                       conditioning systems exclusively for Carrier for
                                                                                                                       the global market. The partners expect the manu-
                                                                                                                       facturing facility to be fully operational by the end
                                                                                                                       of the year.
                                                                                                                       “The Midea-Carrier joint venture is a milestone in
                                                                                                                       Carrier’s long and successful relationship with
                                                                                                                       Midea,” said Darnis. “This venture brings together
                                                                                                                       the strengths of two leaders in the global air-con-
                                                                                                                       ditioning industry.”
                                                                                                                       Midea and Carrier will invest 200 million Yuan (U.
                                                                                                                       S. $29 million) in registered capital to establish
                                                                                                                       the new company.
                                                                                                                       “Carrier has a rich history in China and this in-
                                                                                                                       vestment demonstrates our ongoing commitment
                                                                                                                       to China and its HVACR markets,” added Darnis.
                                                                                                                       Fang Hongbo, president of Midea Electric Co.,
Mr. He XiangJian and Mr. Geraud Darnis shaking hands to celebrate the contract signing                                 Ltd, said, “Our new JV is aimed to be a stable,
                                                                                                                       long-term platform of capital, product, technical
Carrier and Guangdong Midea Electric Appliances                  the joint venture. He XiangJian, chairman of the      and brand cooperation and alliance between
Co., have signed an agreement to form an air-                    Midea Electric board, and Geraud Darnis, chair-       Midea and Carrier. We will take full advantage
conditioning manufacturing joint venture, Foshan                 man and president of Carrier Corp., celebrated the    of this opportunity to draw on manufacturing, tech-
Midea Carrier Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd,               contract signing at a ceremony in Guangzhou.
                                                                                                                       nical and management experience from both par-
in Shunde, China. Midea will hold a 60 percent                   The Midea-Carrier joint venture will produce resi-    ties to accelerate the globalization of the new
stake and Carrier will hold the minority stake in                dential and light commercial duct-free split air-     venture.”

      Carrier and NDRC-ECIDC
      Jointly Boost the Progress of Green Cause in China
                                                                                                            Led by Ross Shuster, president, Carrier Building System
                                                                                                            & Service(BSS) Asia and Jim Gradoville, president,
                                                                                                            United Technologies International Operations (UTIO), a
                                                                                                            seven-member delegation of Carrier Corporation visited
                                                                                                            Energy Conservation Information Dissemination Center
                                                                                                            (ECIDC) of National Development and Reform Commis-
                                                                                                            sion (NDRC), P.R. China, where both parties signed the
                                                                                                            “Memorandum of Friendly Cooperation between NDRC-
                                                                                                            ECIDC”, to further promote the progress of energy saving
                                                                                                            and emission reduction in China.
                                                                                                            According to the memorandum, Carrier and ECIDC will
                                                                                                            be dedicated to achieving close cooperation in the areas
                                                                                                            of technological exchanges, demonstration projects and
                                                                                                            staff training programs, to drive forward the promotion of
                                                                                                            energy efficiency and emission reduction, as well as
                                                                                                            wide application of green air conditioning technologies
                                                                                                            and solutions both on the newly-built buildings and ex-
     Carrier delegation and ECIDC leaders                                                                   isting buildings retrofit.

                                                                                                                                             United Technologies Newsletter   9
      Business Development

Sikorsky S-76® and S-92® Helicopter Fleets
Achieve Flight Hour Milestone

The S-76® helicopter fleet has topped the 5 million
flight hour milestone, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. an-
nounced on May 22, 2008.
The milestone follows two other highlights for the S-
76 helicopter in 2008: the 30th anniversary of the
first delivery and the 700th aircraft delivery. The
program is on track to mark another major event later
this year: first flight of the next production model,
the S76-DTM helicopter.
“Outstanding safety, quality, reliability and mission
flexibility are the hallmarks of the S-76 helicopter
program,” said Marc Poland, Vice President, Com-
mercial Programs. “We had expected this aircraft
fleet to reach the 5 million flight-hour mark during
the third quarter of this year, so reaching this milestone
now offers more validation of this fine aircraft.”
An intermediate class, twin-engine commercial
aircraft, the S-76 helicopter originally was intended                                                                                                       S-76 helicopter

for the offshore and executive transportation
segments. The S-76 helicopter program was an-
nounced in February 1975 as the first strictly com-          The latest and most advanced model, the S-76D            estimated 130-170 hours per month; 13 of the aircraft
mercial production program in Sikorsky's history. It         helicopter, will offer significant increase in use-      have more than 3,500 flight hours to date. Opera-
was certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Adminis-          ful load and extended range performance versus           tional availability for the S-92 fleet averaged 91 per-
tration in 1978, and the first production aircraft was       the S-76C+ TM and S-76C++ TM aircraft currently          cent in 2007.
delivered in February 1979.                                  fielded. In addition, the S-76D helicopter model
                                                                                                                      “The marketplace is driving the need for the S-92 heli-
                                                             will feature all-composite, flaw-tolerant main
Today, more than 200 operators in 37 countries are                                                                    copter in the offshore oil segment in particular,” said
                                                             rotor blades; an advanced Thales avionics sys-
flying S-76 helicopters, serving many missions                                                                        Marc Poland, Sikorsky Vice President, Commercial
                                                             tem and autopilot; dual speed rotor with active
that include offshore oil crew transport, civil                                                                       Programs. “The challenging conditions that exist to-
                                                             vibration control; and Pratt & Whitney 210S
defense, emergency medical service, search and                                                                        day require a tough and reliable aircraft to fill that
                                                             engines. The S-76D helicopter is scheduled to
rescue, and corporate and VIP travel including                                                                        need, and the S-92 helicopter has proven itself to be
                                                             enter production with certification in 2009, fol-
heads of state.                                                                                                       precisely that kind of aircraft.”
                                                             lowed by customer deliveries in 2010.
                                                                               Additionally, Sikorsky Aircraft’s      The S-92 helicopter is a multi-mission medium heli-
                                                                               S-92® helicopter fleet continues to    copter used in a variety of roles including offshore
                                                                               perform at an impressive opera-        oil, executive transport, search and rescue, and Head
                                                                               tional tempo with the fleet recently   of State.
                                                                               passing 100,000 total flight hours,    The S-92 is the first helicopter in the world certified
                                                                               the company announced recently
                                                                                                                      to the latest U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
                                                                               at the Farnborough International
                                                                                                                      and European Joint airworthiness safety standards.
                                                                               Air Show.
                                                                                                                      The S-92 features a Rotor Ice Protection System
                                                                               The first production S-92 helicopter   (RIPS), which allows the aircraft to operate in known
                                                                               was delivered in late 2004. There      icing conditions. RIPS has been certified by both
                                                                               are now 67 S-92 helicopters in         North American and European aviation authorities
                                                                               operation. Eleven of the S-92 heli-    and is available on S-92 military variants as well as
                                                             S-92 helicopter   copters currently in service fly an    commercial aircraft.

 10    United Technologies
                                                                                                                                   Business Development

Great Wall Airlines Selects Pratt & Whitney Global Service
Partners for Fleet Maintenance
Chinese cargo carrier Great Wall Airlines signed a seven-year Fleet Management Program agreement with
Pratt & Whitney Global Service Partners. The agreement covers three Boeing 747-400 freighters powered by
Pratt & Whitney PW4000-94 engines.
“We are looking forward to working more closely with Pratt & Whitney, which we believe can bring us more
customer value,” said Tan Kai Ping, president, Great Wall Airlines.
Based at Shanghai Pudong Airport, Great Wall Airlines is a joint venture company among Beijing Aerospace
Satellite Applications Corporation, Singapore Airlines Cargo and Dahlia Investments. Great Wall Airlines’
network covers major cargo hubs in Amsterdam, Manchester, Dubai, Incheon, Seattle and Chicago.
“We appreciate Great Wall Airlines’ decision to choose Pratt & Whitney as its exclusive service provider,”
said Jim Keenan, senior vice president and general manager, Pratt & Whitney Global Service Partners. “Pratt
& Whitney’s world-class engine manufacturing and aftermarket services help customers achieve smooth
operation and fast growth.”

    Pratt & Whitney Geared                                                             Pratt & Whitney Power Systems in
    TurbofanTM Engine to Power                                                         Guangzhou Exposition
    CSeries Aircraft for Lufthansa
    Pratt & Whitney’s Geared Turbofan engine will power Lufthansa's
    new Bombardier CSeries aircraft. Lufthansa has signed a Letter of
    Interest for up to 60 of the new mainline jet, including 30 firm and
    30 optional aircraft. The announcement marks the launch of the
    CSeries program, which is exclusively powered by the next-gen-
    eration Geared Turbofan engine.
    “The fuel efficiency and environmental performance of the Geared
    Turbofan engine are real differentiators for the CSeries and we are
    proud to be among the first airlines to fly this aircraft,” said Nico                                                                           PWPS booth
    Buchholz, Lufthansa senior vice president, Corporate Fleet. “After watch-
    ing the development of the Geared Turbofan engine since the very early
    stages, we are confident that this next generation engine will deliver             2008 China Expo for Power, Oil and Gas Industries was held from Sept 2 to
    on its targets of double digit reductions in fuel burn, environmental              Sept 4 in Guangzhou, China. Pratt & Whitney Power Systems participated
    emissions, engine noise and operating costs.”                                      in the event and exhibited its advanced industrial gas turbine FT8 products
                                                                                       with spare parts and repair services, as well as its complete power
    The announcement marks the second order for the Geared Turbofan                    system solutions for energy industry, attracting the interests of visitors
    engine, which also powers the Mitsubishi Regional Jet. Both aircraft               from various fields who gave favorable comments and asked for more
    are scheduled to enter service in 2013.                                            information.
    “Lufthansa is one of the world's leading airlines and we are delighted             Pratt & Whitney Power Systems have applied Pratt & Whitney’s advanced
    to deliver the environmental performance and economic value of the                 and proven aero-engine technologies extensively to industrial gas turbine
    Geared Turbofan engine to support their fleet expansion,” said Pratt &             products and provided all kinds of power and energy solutions. From rural
    Whitney President Steve Finger. “The Geared Turbofan engine delivers               areas to urban regions, PWPS’ advanced industrial gas turbine products
    the game-changing improvements in fuel burn, environment perfor-                   are used not only for providing electrical power, heating and cooling, but
    mance and operating costs that airlines are demanding. Market reac-                also for variable speed mechanic drive, such as marine power, oil and gas
    tion has been extremely positive and we look forward to announcing                 pipeline transmission and drive pumps. All of the PWPS gas turbine series
    additional orders later this year.”                                                from 450 kw to 60,000 kw are products with efficient, agile and competi-
    A full-scale Geared Turbofan demonstrator engine recently completed                tive advantages. To date, over 2,000 PWPS gas turbines have been in-
    a 250-hour ground test program and is scheduled for flight testing in              stalled in more than 40 countries around the world.
    July. The Geared Turbofan engine uses a patented gear system to allow              In addition to the supply of its independently developed industrial gas
    the engine’s fan to operate at a different speed than the low-pressure             turbines, PWPS, as a third party, also provides after-market service solu-
    compressor and turbine. The result is a step-change improvement in                 tions to the operators of frame version gas turbines, including maintenance
    fuel efficiency and a slower fan speed for much lower noise. The                   of hot gas path parts for frame gas turbines and replacement of these parts
    Geared Turbofan engine is an all new centerline engine that includes               with the parts of its own intellectual property rights.
    next generation technology in every major module.

                                                                                                                                       United Technologies Newsletter   11
      Business Development

New York Power Authority Selects
UTC Power to Supply Fuel Cells for
World Trade Center Site
UTC Power announced that the New York Power Au-           The Freedom Tower will be owned by the Port Author-
thority (NYPA) selected the company to supply 12          ity of New York, and Towers 2, 3 and 4 will be owned
fuel cells totaling 4.8 megawatts of power for the        and managed by World Trade Center Properties, LLC,
Freedom Tower and three other new towers under            an affiliate of Silverstein Properties, Inc.
construction at the World Trade Center site in lower
Manhattan on June 11, 2008.                               The PureCell® Model 400 power plant is one of the
                                                          cleanest, quietest and most energy-efficient on-site
Delivery of the PureCell® Model 400 fuel cell sys-        power generating technologies available; no fossil
tems will begin in January of 2009. The systems           fuel is burned to produce 400 kilowatts of power. The
will together constitute one of the largest fuel cell     fuel cell’s ultra low emissions meet the strictest air
installations in the world.                               emissions requirements in the United States.                  Illustration of New World Trade Center
”We are extremely pleased to be part of this              UTC Power said this new model fuel cell has double
prestigious, landmark project that is a global ex-        the operating life and delivers twice the power and        reducing the customers’power needs and expenses.
ample of green building design,” said UTC Power           thermal energy of its predecessor system.                  Incorporating fuel cells into the World Trade Center
President Jan van Dokkum. “NYPA has been a long-                                                                     will contribute toward the attainment of LEED®
time customer and champion of using fuel cells to         “We’ve gained a lot of experience over 15-plus years       (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
generate clean on-site power. UTC Power has 16 fuel       of building and deploying fuel cells for on-site power     certification points because of the optimal energy
cells deployed in the Greater New York area with          at diverse sites worldwide,” said van Dokkum. “We          use. In 2006, it was announced the complex would
NYPA and other customers.”                                expect this next-generation fuel cell to be embraced       be designed to achieve the U.S. Green Building
                                                          by commercial customers who want to improve their          Council’s LEED Gold certification requirements and
“We are committed to helping make clean energy
                                                          energy productivity while simultaneously enhancing         that all of the facilities involved would be built to a
initiatives at the new World Trade Center site a
                                                          their electrical infrastructure reliability and reducing   design standard 20 percent more energy efficient than
reality,” said Roger B. Kelley, NYPA president and
                                                          their environmental impact.”                               the New York Energy Conservation Construction Code.
chief executive officer. “Fuel cells are one of the
environmentally beneficial technologies that the          The thermal energy generated by fuel cells – a natu-       On-site power generation at the World Trade Center
Power Authority is investing in under Governor            ral byproduct of a fuel cell’s electro-chemical pro-       site also will help reduce the need for electric infra-
Paterson’s leadership to combat greenhouse gas            cess – will be harnessed to provide facility cooling       structure upgrades in an area of the city where the
emissions and diversify the state’s energy mix.”          and heating at the World Trade Center site towers,         grid is already capacity-constrained.

      UTC Fire & Security Marks Fifth Anniversary
      UTC Fire & Security, a fast growing global pro-                                                                U.S., U.K., France and the Netherlands in July of
      vider of fire and security products and services,                                                              2007, further strengthening the company’s elec-
      celebrated its fifth anniversary in July. Since                                                                tronic security footprint. In the same year, the
      2004, the company has doubled revenues, more                                                                   company acquired Marioff, the world-leader in high
      than tripled profits and increased investment in                                                               pressure water mist technology – an important
      research and development by nearly 50%.                                                                        environmentally friendly fire suppression solution.
      “Through an unyielding focus on execution, tight                                                               “In five short years, we’ve grown to become the
      management of costs and the implementation of                                                                  number two player worldwide in the fire safety
      UTC’s operating disciplines, we are on track to                                                                and security industry,” Brown added. “We ex-
      continue delivering strong financial performance                                                               pect to continue to improve our position in this
      to shareholders and the best quality products                                                                  attractive market, with a target of increasing rev-
      and services to our worldwide customer base,”                                                                  enues by 50% and doubling operating profit in
      said William Brown, president, UTC Fire &                                                                      the next five years.”
                                                                                                                     Other growth plans for UTC Fire & Security include
      UTC Fire & Security first entered the fire and                                                                 building its portfolio of strong brands through con-
      security industry in 2003 with the acquisition of   In 2005, the company acquired Kidde, a global leader       tinued acquisitions, targeted expansion in emerg-
      the U.K. based Chubb plc. It was the first time     in fire safety, and Lenel, a premier electronic security   ing markets, and the introduction of innovative prod-
      United Technologies entered a new segment           software provider. Other recent acquisitions included      uct and service offerings that provide total system
      since 1979 when it acquired Carrier.                Initial Electronic Security Group’s operations in the      solutions to its customers worldwide.

 12    United Technologies
                                                                                                                                             Business Development

Hamilton Sundstrand Will move Forward Together
with XAC in Chinese Turboprop Programs
Hamilton Sundstrand (HS) will move forward together
with Xi'An Aircraft Industry Group International Cor-
poration (XAC) in Chinese turboprop programs
While Chinese OK Airways took their first MA60
turboprop aircraft from Xi'An Aircraft Industry Group
Company (XAC) on July 31, 2008, HS had a new
customer of its 247F-3 Propeller Systems (PS) and
R80-3W Environment Control Systems (ECS) in China.
Having received 122 orders against MA60 airplane
since 2005 so far, XAC placed another new 40 shipset
PS and ECS to HS for supporting MA60 production
from April 2009 on June 25th. Providing satisfied
customer support worldwide and value add techni-
cal services to XAC and MA60 operators, HS sent
team members to be at XAC for providing systems
on site training in this April.
Turboprop aircraft will have huge potential world-
wide market in this era while petroleum price is
increased continuously. Having reported profits from
many MA60 operators and considering turboprop air-
craft consumes much less fuel than equivalent              Starting from MA60 and its diversities and the coop-     After signed the new 40 shipset PS and ECS, all participants were
                                                                                                                    happy for taking a picture.
turbojet, XAC has launched some new turboprop              eration between XAC and HS is well known far and
                                                                                                                    Mr. Vincent Misciagna, General Manager of HS worldwide customer support
programs. While a MA600 had its roll out ceremony          wide in aerospace industry in China, having built a      Mr. Joseph Neffinger, General Manager of HS propulsion systems
on June 28 at XAC, the same systems of HS will             growing long term partnership with XAC since 1988,       Mr. GAO Dacheng, Assistant to President of AVIC I and President of XAC
                                                                                                                    Mr. Geoff Newman, Director of HS Asia Pacific Region
also be provided to the subject turboprop program. In      HS will bid the MA700 aircraft not only for PS and       Mr. Meng Xiangkai, Party General Secretary of XAC
addition, another brand new designed turboprop air-        ECS but also for Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and Ram      Ms. Alice Ding, Finance Manager of HS China
                                                                                                                    Mr. GUAN Ming, Marketing Manager of HS China
craft named as MA700 had been launched by XAC.             Air Turbine (RAT) systems.

     Hamilton Sundstrand Acquires                                                       EMSI Consults on First
     Spain-based Marelli Pumps                                                          LEED® Gold-Certified
      Hamilton Sundstrand has acquired privately held                                   Commercial
      Marelli Pumps, a leader in the design and manu-
      facture of heavy duty centrifugal pumps. Terms                                    Building in China
      of the deal were not disclosed.                                                   Environmental Market Solutions, Inc. (EMSI)
      Marelli, based in Illescas, Toledo, Spain, sup-                                   provided consulting services for Century Pros-
                                                                                        per Center, the first speculative commercial
      plies a wide range of centrifugal pumps for cus-
                                                                                        office building in China to achieve LEED® Gold
      tomers in the oil, petrochemical, chemical, industrial process,
                                                                                        certification from the U.S. Green Building Coun-
      water and firefighting industries. It has approximately € 30 million              cil (USGBC).                                               Century Prosper Center
      in annual sales and operates in Spain, Southern Europe and the
      Middle East. It will become part of Sundyne, one of Hamilton                      The $250 million, 1.6 million-square-foot twin
      Sundstrand’s three industrial companies.                                          tower building in the heart of Beijing’s Central Business District was com-
                                                                                        pleted in the first quarter of 2008. At capacity, the building can house 10,000
      “We are extremely pleased to have Marelli, and its 150 employees,                 occupants and will include retail and commercial offices.
      join the Hamilton Sundstrand Industrial team,” said Stephen
                                                                                        “EMSI was instrumental in helping the project meet the high standard of
      Oswald, president of Hamilton Sundstrand's Industrial division.                   energy and environmental performance goals required for LEED Gold,” said
      “This acquisition expands the oil and gas product offering to our                 Kenneth Langer, president, EMSI. “It was a very successful collaboration
      customers and provides opportunities to expand Marelli                            which opened doors to promote the green building process, LEED rating
      geographically.”                                                                  system, and the U.S. Green Building Council’s role in the region.”

                                                                                                                                                  United Technologies Newsletter     13
     Technology Innovation

                                                          Asia-Pacific Airlines Meet to Review Pratt &
     UTRC Power                                           Whitney Geared TurbofanTM Engine
     Electronics Lab                                      More than 180 representatives from airlines, leasing

     Opens                                                companies and aviation authorities from throughout
                                                          the Asia-Pacific region gathered to review Pratt &
                                                          Whitney’s Geared Turbofan engine development at
                                                          the company’s first Asia-Pacific Next Generation
                                                          Technology Symposiums in Singapore and Beijing,
                                                          China. During the summits in each city, Pratt &
                                                          Whitney engineers provided comprehensive techni-
                                                          cal briefings on the Geared Turbofan engine’s design,    Picture of Beijing “Next Generation Technology Symposiums”
                                                          performance and development progress.
                                                                                                                   vide new technologies that will address these indus-
                                                          At the conferences, which were co-hosted by              try-wide concerns,” said Todd Kallman, president,
                                                          Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation and Bombardier           Pratt & Whitney Commercial Engines. “The Geared
                                                          Aerospace, airlines were also briefed on the             Turbofan engine is the right solution at the right time
     Equipment in the Power Electronics Lab is designed   Mitsubishi Regional Jet and CSeries aircraft             and we are excited to bring this game-changing prod-
     to measure and analyze information gathered from     programs, both of which are exclusively powered by       uct to operators around the world.”
     experiments using a dynamometer.
                                                          the Geared Turbofan engine. Pratt & Whitney’s
                                                                                                                   In a Geared Turbofan engine, a state-of-the-art gear sys-
     Equipment in the Power Electronics Lab is            Geared Turbofan engine targets double-digit reduc-
                                                                                                                   tem allows the engine’s fan to operate at a different
     designed to measure and analyze informa-             tions in fuel burn, engine noise, environmental emis-
                                                                                                                   speed than the low-pressure compressor and turbine,
     tion gathered from experiments using a               sions and operating costs.
                                                                                                                   resulting in greater fuel efficiency and a slower fan
     dynamometer.                                                                                                  speed for reduced noise. The Geared Turbofan engine
                                                          “With the rising cost of fuel and growing economic
     A new power electronics lab opened at UTRC           and environmental pressures, more airlines are de-       builds on more than 20 years of technology development
     in early April. The lab is designed to facili-       pending on aircraft and engine manufacturers to pro-     with improvements in every major module.
     tate cutting-edge research for the develop-
     ment of energy-efficient assemblies. Research
     in the lab will also venture into emerging
     power electronics fields such as wind en-
     ergy systems, solar energy, energy storage
                                                          UTRC China Efforts on High Performance and
     and other renewable resource fields.                 Sustainable Buildings:
     State-of-the-art equipment in the Power Elec-
     tronic Lab is capable of producing up to 300,
                                                          Tsinghua-UTC Research Institute for Integrated
     000 watts of power. Data analysis equip-             Building Energy, Safety and Control Systems
     ment in the lab can collect information and
     measurements at a rate of one report every           United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) delivers
     two micro-seconds. This means that 500,              the world's most advanced technologies, innovative
     000 data analysis checks can be generated            thinking and disciplined research to the businesses
     every second in areas such as power
                                                          of United Technologies. At September 2007, UTC
     consumption, current, voltage and torque.
                                                          signed a cooperation agreement with Tsinghua
     “The potential for power electronics to im-          University. At November, 2007, UTRC worked with
     prove performance and efficiency in many of          selected centers at Tsinghua University establish-
     UTC products is very real,” said Chris               ing a Tsinghua-UTC Research Institute for Integrated
     Pietrzykowski, Systems Department Leader at          Building Energy, Safety and Control Systems. At
     UTRC. “We are therefore convinced that our           May 2008, Michael Mcquade (CTO, UTC), Robert
     research in this field will be the basis for
                                                          Hobbs (Director, Research Operations, UTRC), etc
     improved products that can meet the stringent
                                                          had a mid-term review on the Tsinghua-UTC projects.      Tsinghua-UTC Research Institute forIntegrated Building Energy,
     cost, reliability and environmental requirements                                                              Safety and Control Systems at Low Energy Demonstration Building,
     of manufacturing in the decades to come.”            Next-generation building technologies and products       Tsinghua Unviersity

     The lab will be equipped with two major              will capitalize on functional integration among power,
     power electronic experiment stations as              comfort, transportation, and safety systems that work    The institute focuses on research required to exploit
     well as work stations for CAD development            together to provide guaranteed levels of performance,    integration across the energy and information inter-
     of power systems.                                    measured by energy consumption, air quality, con-        faces that exist among building components and its
                                                          venience and safety, while achieving even greater        environment, enhancing the building performance in
     “The new lab provides a great opportunity to
                                                          reductions in lifecycle costs relative to conventional   non-incremental ways. Up to now, Tsinghua-UTC
     match the needs of the power electronics in
                                                          design approaches. This challenge of integrating         Research Institute for Integrated Building Energy,
     industry with UTRC’s ability to provide cut-
     ting-edge research in this very interesting          functionality across multiple sub-systems will re-       Safety and Control Systems has made significant
     area,” said Vlado Blasko, a UTRC Fellow              quire a paradigm shift in the way that building ser-     progress in investigation of occupancy behaviors and
     and the manager of the new lab.                      vice products and subsystems are designed and            integrated building control system, research on en-
                                                          operated in order to exploit, not ignore or combat the   ergy efficiency limits and safety performance limits
                                                          interdependence.                                         in integrated building systems.

14    United Technologies
                                                                                                                                                    Technology Innovation

Pratt & Whitney Gears Up Suppliers with
PurePowerTM PW1000G Engine
Following the success of the Next Generation Tech-                Whitney. “Having launched the UTC
nology Symposium held in June in Beijing, more                    Supplier Gold Program earlier this
than 25 Chinese suppliers gathered at the inaugu-                 year, and with three of our Chinese
ral PurePowerTM PW1000G Engine (formerly known                    suppliers committed to achieving
as the Geared TurbofanTM engine) Supplier Forum                   Gold status by the end of 2009, we
in Shanghai, China, on July 23, 2008.                             have great confidence in achieving
                                                                  the program cost targets, schedule
Representatives from the China Aviation Industry
                                                                  and technical requirements.”
Corporation I (AVIC I), China Aviation Industry
Corporation II (AVIC II) and its subsidiaries –                   Speakers from the Pratt & Whitney
Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Xi’an                Strategic Sourcing Group presented       Pratt & Whitney’s Next Generation Product Family organization and the Pratt &
Aero-Engine (Group), Shenyang Liming Aero-En-                     details on the program’s expectations    Whitney China Operations team are joined by more than 25 prospective
                                                                                                           suppliers at the inaugural PurePowerTM PW1000G Engine Supplier Forum held in
gine Group Corporation, Guizhou Anda Aviation                     and how adopting a few fundamen-         Shanghai, China.
Forging, Liyang, FAST Sichuan Chengfa Aero Sci-                   tal UTC ACE tools and methodolo-
ence & Technology, Guizhou Honghu Machinery                       gies would result in measurable benefits. At the            Mario Coracides, director for Next General Pro-
Works and Harbin Dongan Engine (Group) – gath-                    same time, the forum also offered suppliers the             pulsion Family (NGPF) Sourcing.
ered to learn about the engine’s technical                        chance to interact with Pratt & Whitney engineers
developments, benefits and progress.                                                                                          “I commend Pratt & Whitney for organizing the first
                                                                  during the breakout sessions.
                                                                                                                              engine supplier forum in China,” said Zhou Zhongyi,
“The goal of the supplier forum was to engage                     “We are delighted to be partnering with the sub-            associate director general for AVIC I. “This was a pro-
suppliers in our ‘One Company Sourcing’ strategy                  sidiaries of AVIC I and AVIC II because they are            ductive and successful event and it demonstrated Pratt
and build the right supply chain in China for the                 extremely knowledgeable and experienced in                  & Whitney’s commitment to partnering with the Chi-
PurePower PW1000G engine,” said Jim Vounassis,                    manufacturing, NDT and special processes - valu-            nese aviation industry. I believe that, together, we will
vice president for Strategic Sourcing, Pratt &                    able contributions to the PurePower program,” said          achieve great results for the aviation industry.”

      Pratt & Whitney Power Systems' FT8 MOBILEPAC Among
      World’s Best Power Plants
     Electricite de France (EDF) purchased its first              Mobilepac was installed, EDF requested to have                and the island had extra peaking power within a
     Pratt & Whitney FT8 Mobilepac in mid-2006.                   it disassembled, driven a few blocks away and                 day after arrival on site.
     The company required more power during its                   reassembled back in the same location. PWPS
     busy peak seasons. The final contract con-                   proved their claim and had the unit reassembled               According to P&W, the FT8 Mobilepac is the
     tains a clause that the unit must be able to                 and producing power in less than 10 hours. This               largest mobile power plant in the industry pro-
     be assembled and generating power within                     unit is now supplying power on a rotating basis to            viding 25 MW of power on wheels. The pack-
     one day after arrival on site. Once the                      five different French Islands – Martinique,                   age consists of two trailers, the gas turbine
                                                                                       Guadeloupe, Guyana, Corsica              trailer and the controls/switchgear trailer. The
                                                                                       and Reunion Island.                      first trailer includes the gas turbine, electric
                                                                                                                                generator, exhaust collector, diffuser and en-
                                                                                           EDF chose the FT8 Mobilepac          gine oil lube system. The second trailer includes
                                                                                           based on the product being           the switchgear, the engine and station controls,
                                                                                           highly mobile and its capabil-       protective relays, batteries and charger, motor
                                                                                           ity to quickly relocate to mul-      control center, and the hydraulic start package.
                                                                                           tiple locations. The Mobilepac
                                                                                           can be easily transported by         This exclusive design requires very little space.
                                                                                           land, sea or air to anywhere         In fact, it boasts the smallest footprint in the
                                                                                           in the world, and EDF has al-        industry utilizing as little as 7.6 m x 18 m
                                                                                           ready put the mobility of the        space to help accommodate those customers
                                                                                           Mobilepac to the test.               with small spaces of land, according to P&W.
                                                                                           In early 2007, EDF loaded the        EDF is very pleased with the results of the
                                                                                           Mobilepac onto a boat and            Mobilepac. The company has recently pur-
                                                                                           shipped it from Martinique to        chased another Mobilepac to ensure the power
     Pratt & Whitney Power Systems' FT8 MOBILEPAC was named among the world's best         Corsica. The unit arrived safely     needs for their French island network.
     power plants in the January-February 2008 edition of Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

                                                                                                                                                        United Technologies Newsletter   15
     Technology Innovation

                    The Game Changing
                  Technology Innovation
                            – Pratt & Whitney PurePowerTM PW1000G Engine
                                               Pratt & Whitney China   Yu Shuhong, Liu Juxiang and Ji Peng

16    United Technologies
                                                                                                                                        Technology Innovation

Although aircraft busily cross through the sky, the whole air transportation industry fall into the very
hard period due to the extreme rising cost of fuel. In order to balance the profit and loss, the world’s
major airlines have to reduce their air transportation capability by 20%.
The world’s major aircraft engine manufacturers are trying hard to explore how to improve the perfor-
mance of their engines. The successful answer from Pratt & Whitney is PurePowerTM PW1000G engine,
and G refers to Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine.
Pratt & Whitney announced at Farnborough Airshow on July 14, 2008 that its technology breaking-
through GTF engine has successfully completed 40,000 ground tests as well as flight test on its own
Boeing 747 flight test bed. The engine is now officially named as PurePowerTM PW1000G engine and will
be tested on A340. Pratt & Whitney PurePowerTM PW1000G has been chosen as the exclusive engine
for Mitsubishi Regional Jet and C-Series aircraft programs.

Clean, environment friendly and “green”                   mise between the fan speed and the LPT speed and
engine, the design goal of Pratt & Whitney                this compromise leads to the failure to realize the
                                                          optimum efficiency for both the fan and the low pres-
With the development of technology, safety and reli-
                                                          sure modules.
ability of today’s engines may allow the captains not
to meet any engine related accident in their life time.   Pratt & Whitney smartly has adopted the star gear
But the senior management of airlines has had a hard      design and technology behind the fan to maximize
time because of high rise of fuel price. The cost of      the optimization of engine efficiency. To put it simply,
fuel accounted for 20-25% of cash operating cost in       Pratt & Whitney installs a speed reduction gear sys-
the past, and up to over 45%.                             tem between the fan and the shaft of the LPT on the
                                                          base of the traditional two-spool and two-speed
With more environment concern, there are the Stage
                                                          engine, eliminating their mutual restraint, separating
4 noise requirement by ICAO and the NOX reduction
                                                          in real sense the fan and the low pressure spool,
requirement by International Aviation Environment
                                                          letting them rotate at their respective optimum speed
Protection Council at its 6th session, and these re-
                                                          and creating a turbofan engine with two spools and
quirements can not be met with only the aircraft
                                                          three speeds through a speed reduction gear system.
improvement. Development of cleaner, quieter and                                                                     TALON X combustor uses the latest TALON
greener aircraft engines is the historical challenge to   Some one may ask whether the gear box will in-             technology, i.e. the rich-quench-lean device, which
engine manufacturers by the world aviation industry.      crease the weight of the engine. In fact it is not,        controls combustion within certain scope and low-
                                                          because the increase of speed for the LPT and the          ers the temperature rapidly, greatly reducing the emis-
Speed reduction gear technology,                          LPC optimizes their efficiency and the stage counts        sion of NOX, lowering the weight and improving the
the key for technology breakthrough                       is reduced by 50%. There are 3,500 airfoils in total       durability.
                                                          for the LPT and the LPC on conventional turbofan
It takes nearly 20 years for Pratt & Whitney to de-                                                                  It is application of these advanced technologies that
                                                          engines, but there are only 2,000 airfoils for the low
velop the next generation engine product, during which                                                               makes the new generation engine possible with bet-
                                                          pressure stages on the GTF engine. Therefore, the
deep-going investigations and evaluations have been                                                                  ter environment performance, low fuel burn, high ef-
                                                          weight of the engine is not increased, but reduced
conducted for 3,500 different plans and configura-                                                                   ficiency and low maintenance cost. It reduces fuel
                                                          by 10% as compared with the conventional engines
tions to finalize the optimum plan.                                                                                  burn by 12%, NOX emission by 50% and noise to
                                                          of same class. Another benefit for reduction of parts
80% of the power for traditional turbofan engine comes    count is the reduction of engine maintenance cost          20db lower than Stage 4 requirement of ICAO as
from the fan. Generally, the larger fan, the higher       by 40%.                                                    compared with the existing engines in service today.
bypass ratio (BPR) and the better engine power and                                                                   The CO2 emission of the GTF is also greatly reduced.
efficiency. Therefore, high BPR has always been the       A truly green engine built with integra-                   Calculation shows that 3,000 tons of CO2 is reduced
goal that engine manufacturers are seeking for. But       tion of many new technologies                              per the GTF-powered aircraft per year, equivalent to
the LPT and the LPC are co-axially connected for                                                                     planting 700,000 trees.
                                                          Pratt & Whitney PurePowerTM PW1000G engine is
conventional turbofan engines, i.e. the engine oper-                                                                 Pratt & Whitney PurePowerTM PW1000G Engine will
                                                          built with many innovative technologies, including
ates in the form of two spools and at two speeds,                                                                    bring about new opportunity of development for the
                                                          the completely new high speed LPC, which increases
thus both the fan and the LPT can not operate at their                                                               world aviation industry.
                                                          the LPC speed and the inter-stage pressure ratio,
optimum speed. This is why the design of the con-
                                                          reduces the stage count and the length and, lowers
ventional turbofan engine has to take the compro-
                                                          the weight and maintenance cost.

                                                                                                                                            United Technologies Newsletter   17
     Corporate Social Responsibilities

Hamilton-Sundstrand Industrial (Shanghai) Donates
Mobile Integrated Water Treatment Stations to
Earthquake-stricken Area
“When disaster struck, help came from all sides.”Hamilton-Sundstrand
Industrial Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. made a swift decision right
after the Sichuan earthquake, to design and manufacture two special
mobile integrated water treatment stations from May 20 and donate
them to Chongqing Municipality upon completion, in an effort to support
disaster areas and provide basic water supply for people in the tempo-
rary shelters. Both devices can purify 40,000 liters of water per day, for
2000-4000 people’s use. Tests proved that the treated water has reached
national urban water standards. Mayor Wang Hongju, Standing Commit-
tee member of Municipal Party Committee and executive vice mayor
Huang Ying-fan, President and Chief Execu-
tive Officer of United Technologies Corp.,
Louis Chenevert, attended the donation
ceremony. The two mobile integrated water
treatment stations were sent smoothly on
June 23 to Guangyuan disaster areas in
Sichuan, which were transported to Dongxin
Town of Cangxi County and put into use on                                                                                                      The HSIS water purification
                                                                                                                                               systems have been delivered to
July 6, providing day-to-day water for 3500-                                                                                                   Guangyuan, Shichuan Province
4200 people. The devices are in good condi-
tion with stable water quality.
The picture shows Hamilton-Sundstrand In-
dustrial (Shanghai) president Mr. Robert Chen
donating the devices to the representative of
Chongqing Municipality, which are to be de-
livered to Sichuan disaster areas.

      UTC and NAMOC Signed A Technical Service Agreement
      for Building Facilities Energy Performance Audit and
      UTC and National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) reached an
      agreement on a project for technical services to NAMOC for
      Energy Performance Audit and Identifying Energy Efficiency
      Measures on September 2, 2008 in Beijing. UTC through its
      designated agency, Environmental Market Solutions, Inc.
      (EMSI), will provide consulting service to assist NAMOC
      with improving the overall energy performance. This goal
      will be achieved by conducting an Energy Performance Audit,
      Identifying Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs), and deter-
      mining the Cost for EEM implementation and simple payback
      from the investment.
                                                                         Mr. Qian Linxiang, Deputy Director of NAMOC and Ms. Andrea Doane, Director of Corp Citizenship &
                                                                         Community Investment of UTC signed the agreement.

18    United Technologies
                                                                                                                    Corporate Social Responsibilities

                                                                                                                Bin Song, Dealer Development Manager, Carrier
                                                                                                                Shanghai, East 1 East 2 Region
                                                           Zhang Jianfeng, Technology Manager, Hamilton
                                                                                                                Received Master's degree from Antai College of
                                                           Sundstrand (Shanghai)
 Jessie Liang, Sales Manager, Pratt & Whitney                                                                   Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong
                                                           Received MBA Degree from Fudan University in
 Received Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology                                                               University in June, 2008
                                                           June, 2008
 In July, 2008

Employees of UTC
in Employee Scholar Program
At UTC, we encourage lifelong learning for every one of our 225,600 employees around the world. They can
enhance their future by developing skills through company-sponsored opportunities such as the Employee
Scholar Program, training and personal development initiatives. The Employee Scholar Program was estab-         Cathy Chen, Office Manager, Pratt & Whitney China
                                                                                                                Received MBA Degree of University Paris 1 in May
lished in 1996 as a long-term investment in providing UTC with the best educated workforce of any company       2008
Participants in UTC’s Employee Scholar Program receive full tuition, expenses and paid study time for accred-
ited degree programs.
Upon completion, graduates are awarded UTC stock or comparable compensation. Since 1996, UTC has
invested more than $688 million in the Employee Scholar Program. During that time, employees have earned 23,
819 degrees and $178 million in UTC stock awards or stock options. In 2007, 14,583 employees pursued
degrees in 50 countries.
Employees of UTC in China also participated actively in Employee Scholar Program.

                                                                                                                Li Yuanke, Project Manager, OTIS China
                                                                                                                Received Master’s degree from Tianjin University of
                                                                                                                Electrommunication in March, 2008

                                                           Qian Chang, Sales Deputy Manager, Carrier Shanghai
                                                           Received Master degree of MBA from Shanghai Jiao
                                                           Tong University in October, 2006

                                                        Qian Chang, Sales Deputy Manager, Carrier Shanghai
                                                        Received Master degree of MBA from Shanghai
                                                        Jiao Tong University in October, 2006
                                                                                                                Ding Yaqun, HR Admin, OTIS China
                                                                                                                Received Bachelor Degree from Xinjiang University
                                                                                                                in––January, 2008

                                                           Angela Li, Business Development Manager, UTC
                                                           Power China
                                                           Received MBA Degree from US Rutgers Univer-
                                                           sity in April, 2006
                                                                                                                                     United Technologies Newsletter   19
20   United Technologies

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