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									                            TEMPLATE LETTER TO CONGRESS

                                          (For Shippers)

Dear [Member of Congress]:

        In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, I work hard to make sure my
business and its (xx) employees run as efficiently as possible. However, one factor that I can’t
control is the increasing costs of traffic congestion and unsafe roads and the lost productivity and
delayed shipments that come with them. Sadly, my business is not alone with traffic congestion
costing our economy over $80 billion and wasting 2.8 billion gallons of fuel every year. Nearly
half of our bridges are structurally unsound or functionally obsolete. Meanwhile, poor road
conditions contribute to roughly half of the nation’s highway fatalities.

         In short, my ability to succeed as a local employer is being compromised by the declining
state of our roads, bridges and transit services. That is why I find it troubling to learn that our
highway and transit systems face even more declines and deterioration because of Congress’
failure to enact the six-year surface transportation legislation almost a year after the previous law
expired. Unless new legislation is passed soon, federal investments in our roads, bridges and
transit systems will be cut in half by 2012.

         Needless to say, the last thing my business can afford is to have our employees stuck in
traffic or on broken down buses, our goods driving on unsafe roads and bridges, or our deliveries
delayed by accidents or congestion. The more money we spend on traffic-related costs, the less
able we’ll be to expand our operations or our payroll.

        I strongly urge you to do everything possible to get Congress to pass a fully-funded
transportation bill before the end of this year. Such a bill should provide the resources our state
and local officials need to cut traffic, repair aging roads and bridges and improve local transit
service. And such a bill will certainly go a long way in making local businesses like mine more
competitive and ultimately, more successful.





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